Can You Use AirPods on a Plane? (Which Airlines Allow It?!)

Can you use AirPods on a plane? If you just bought a new pair of AirPods, you may be wondering if you can use or not them on an airplane for your trip.

Yes, you should use your AirPods on a plane. In 2013 the FAA informed airlines that it was safe to allow passengers to use portable electronic devices, including AirPods. But there are still certain restrictions.

AirPods are a new personal entertainment device and the first of its kind. They fall into the PED category and can be used at most gate-to-gate today.

The FAA is the government agency that guides us on what we can use on planes, including electronic devices, and if it is approved.

There are different types of devices that passengers are allowed or not on board planes.

Learn which airlines allow AirPods to be used on board.

AirPods are considered “PEDs”

A “portable electronic device” is any piece of equipment that’s lightweight and powered by electricity.

Examples are tablets, e-readers, smartphones, MP3 players, electronic toys, and headphones.

Therefore, your AirPods are PEDs.

Do Airlines Allow the Use of Airpods During Flights?

The answer is yes. We should remove it before takeoff and landing the plane. You can’t use it during announcements. You can use your AirPods while flying in the airplane outside of these times.

It may be a bit weird, but you can ask a crew member for their preferences for using your AirPods.

What Is the Official Verdict of Using Airpods on Airplanes?

The FAA doesn’t officially approve the Airpods for use on airplanes, but there are a few risks associated with using them. Of course, it’s always a good idea to follow the directions of your flight attendant.

That is because the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of AirPods could interfere with the airplane radio transmissions. They prevent the pilot from communicating with the traffic. You need to be aware of the risks and hazards of using this item. The FAA has not yet approved their use in planes.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you will be punished for their use, although they are still not yet permitted to be used in-flight, and rules regarding their use in the air are still being clarified.

AirPod technology

Newer Apple AirPods use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect. That is if you’re relating them to a non-Apple product.

Your AirPods use a proprietary protocol that simplifies and reduces the time it takes for them to connect to another apple device.

This chip has been built into an Apple product called the “H1” processor.

You don’t have to struggle with establishing a Bluetooth connection whenever you want to connect to a Bluetooth device. The H1 chip allows two Apple products to connect in under 3 seconds.

It “just works.”

The FAA considers AirPods to be PEDs because they use Bluetooth technology.

FAA ruling on expanded PED use

Yes, established the first FAA regulations regarding PEDs back in 1966.

It was the golden era of travel when people wanted to carry their portable FM radios on flights. FAA conducted tests. They found that FM radios frequently interfere with airplane navigational systems.

Over time, technology has evolved, and the FAA has conducted several follow-up studies. The newest technology performance products are PEDs with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and other technologies.

The FAA published a 222-page report detailing recommendations for expanding the use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) during a flight in the last few years.

The goal was to provide guidelines on additional (PEDs) while ensuring that the continued safe operation of the aircraft is not compromised.

Today, airplanes are designed to withstand interference from PEDs. So it makes a lot of sense to review older restrictions placed years ago.

In this way, airlines advised permitting all passengers to use PEDs while the plane is in the air.

You can continue to use short-range Bluetooth accessories, but if you’re thinking of making a switch, you might be better off looking into AirPods.

What about Airplane mode?

Although the FAA did approve the use of PEDs on planes, it remains firm on not allowing the use of cell phones while flying.

It’s not because of the different signals. Cell phones, including airplane mode, emit radio frequencies that severely threaten planes.

Now, it is a federal requirement that you switch your phone to airplane mode when flying on a plane and turn off cellular data.

If you were hoping to pair your AirPods to your iPhone, you’re still in luck.

It doesn’t matter if your phone is in Airplane mode or not; Bluetooth still works, just

Turn on Airplane Mode first, and then turn Bluetooth back on.

Domestic Airline rulings on AirPod use

As discussed, it ultimately depends on the individual airline which electronic items they want onboard.

Fortunately, all the top 10 domestic (U.S.) airlines allow in-flight use of AirPods.

All but Allegiant lets you use your AirPods throughout the entire flight: during take-off, landing, taxi, in-flight entertainment, etc.

Here is the exact electronic-use policy wording for each of the top ten domestic airlines:


The policy allows passengers to use mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and use them during taxi, take-off, and landing on flights.


Customers may use small portable electronic devices (PEDs) in “airplane mode” when traveling by air.


Travelers can use permitted small, lightweight, portable electronic devices (with limited capabilities) in non-cellular transmitting mode anytime in the U.S.


You can use small portable electronic devices in the air if you are in airplane/game mode unless the Captain tells you to turn them off.


If you’re using your cell phone, laptop, or another electronic device, turn them off until advised by the flight crew. Calls are not allowed during the flight.


If you fly JetBlue, we’ll let you use a portable electronic device during all phases of flight, including taxi, take-off, cruise, and landing. However, it’s not permitted during inevitable low visibility landings.


You can use portable electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers, from departure gate to arrival gate on our domestic and most phases of our international routes.


Small electronic devices (PEDs), allowed on airplanes, may be used during all phases of flight, including taxi and take-off.


Personal electronic devices are allowed to be used in airplane mode while flying.


You can bring your own approved devices (laptops, portable movie players, portable music players, etc.) onboard the aircraft.

There’s a safety notification system, so we’ll know when it’s safe to use the devices.

Do AirPods work with In-Flight Entertainment?

Most aircraft entertainment systems don’t work with Bluetooth.

Most of the time, you’re better off using free headphones.

You can connect your own set of headphones to your device with a wire.

That said, there is some good news.

You can purchase a Bluetooth adapter that connects to your smartphone or MP3 player, so you have an in-flight entertainment device.

The adapter works as an interconnecting device, allowing you to connect your AirPods.

This isn’t something I’ve seen, but it is an option.

Good news for passengers! United and Qatar flights are planning to install in their planes built-in Bluetooth capabilities.

So no more wires! Pair your AirPods directly to the in-flight system.

Traveling through TSA with your AirPods

Getting through security is only the first hurdle when using your AirPods on the plane.

The TSA approves headphones allowed in both checked and carry-on bags.

Don’t worry about taking your AirPods out of your bag when going through security.

The TSA recommends that travelers remove all cell phones from their carry-on bags for X-ray screening. You can put the device in the bin if you have a laptop computer or tablet.

If you have a tablet, laptop, gaming console, or smartphone, you need to take it out. It will not be a problem to take out your AirPods or similar-sized electronics in bags.

Where To Pack Your AirPods When You Don’t Use Them?

It’s better to use your AirPods while flying than not use them at all, so you might as well pack your Airpods in your checked bag.

AirPods are only allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage, but it is better to keep them inside your carry-on luggage to avoid possible damage from mishandling by air carriers.

Which AirPods Are Best For Travel?

When I think of reasons I should consider the new Apple AirPods, I think about their lightweight, easy to use, and they work best when connected with almost any device.

Noise-canceling AirPods are perfect for anyone who wants a distraction-free entertainment experience, whether you are listening to podcasts, music, movies, or TV.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the AirPods, consider these Sony EXTBASS Noise-Canceling Headphones.

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Do AirPods Work On Airplane TV?

Many airlines now allow passengers to connect their Bluetooth devices in flight.

Tip: It’s possible to use AirPods with an AirFly device if your airline doesn’t have Bluetooth

You plug it in and connect your AirPods to the AirFly via Bluetooth.

Do AirPods Work On Airplane Mode, And how to connect them?

It’s pretty easy to connect your AirPods to your device.

After the takeoff, turn off your device and use airplane mode to block the cellular data.

When you’ve got an iPhone, the first thing to do when you pick up your phone is to open the Home Screen. Press and hold your case near your iPhone and watch an animated setup animation appear on your iPhone. Then, press Connect.

If you want to add the Airpods to an Android device, open the case of your phone or tablet and make sure the Bluetooth is on. Then, tap the white button on the back of the case, which should prompt you that the connection is established. Tap the device to add the Airpods.

If you’re having trouble connecting your AirPods, they must be fully charged, your Bluetooth is turned on for the device you want to use, and you’ve restarted your computer/phone before trying again.

If any of these solutions don’t work, reset your AirPods. Connect them again this way, and they should work.

Wearing Airpods through the Security Checkpoint

There are no restrictions on taking AirPods through the security checkpoint.

AirPods have no special rules prohibiting their use or travel. They’re small and don’t pose a threat of any kind.

The TSA requires only electronics greater than a cell phone to be placed in a separate bin; however, you’ll be required to take your AirPods out of your bag to go through the screening process.

Do AirPods Work On a Plane With Phones?

Passengers are often concerned about their Apple AirPods working in airplane mode.

Bluetooth and Airpods work fine on planes, even when airplane mode is activated.

Since the Federal Aviation Administration has decided to let people use their AirPods in their planes, they will not allow passengers to use cellular data. In contrast, in the air, so you’ll have to switch your AirPods to airplane mode during your flight.

Can I Use Any Wired Earbuds on a Plane?

It’s OK to bring wired earbuds onto a plane, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure they’re safe.

Active Noise-Cancelling and Passive Noise-Cancelling headsets differ from one another. Noisy, active noise-canceling headphones cancel out ambient noise by generating a counter signal 180 degrees out of phase with the ambient noise.

Noise-canceling headphones block the surrounding noise and allow the person wearing them to focus on what they want to listen to. Passive noise-canceling headphones tend to cost less than active noise-canceling headphones. Their effects aren’t as sound as their more expensive counterparts.

If you plan to use wired earbuds on an airplane, buying the latest and most advanced models of active noise-canceling headphones is best. Yes, they are more expensive than passive noise-canceling earbuds. These are good headphones when trying to sleep on a noisy airplane.

Can I Use the WiFi Network on Airplanes to Stream Movies?

If you’re taking a long flight, try playing a few games of a fun-filled card games while enjoying some snacks and drinks.

We have become increasingly connected through new technology, which means there are more options for what to do on a flight.

People ask about using the wifi networks on airplanes to stream movies.

Yes, many airlines provide in-flight wifi that you can use for streaming movies and TV shows on your phone.

It would help if you looked for an airline that offers it.

You may want to check with your airline before leaving to see if you can stream on board your flight.

Are Bluetooth Transmitters Helpful on Airplanes When Using Airpods?

You can’t get much better than AirPods, but the only thing that matters is the signal they can get. If you’re flying, you might see a spotty wifi signal as you’re trying to stream some movies to pass the time. That’s where Bluetooth transmitters come into play.

A Bluetooth transmitter will increase the range of your wireless headphones. This is perfect for long flights. So you can watch movies or listen to music without worrying about it cutting out halfway through. It can make for a more comfortable flight and free up your arms to use the in-flight entertainment system.


Since the FAA approved the use of Bluetooth on planes, many devices now work on airplanes.

The FAA says you can legally and safely use your AirPods.

Cell data can still pose a risk during an active flight. We suggest you turn off your phone’s cellular connectivity to reduce this risk.

Finally, the TSA allows AirPods to be stored in checked baggage as carry-on luggage. They no longer require travelers to remove their AirPods from their bags at airport security checkpoints.

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