How to Clean Hard Shell Luggage? Guide 2023

Hey travelers, looking for an accurate option how to clean hard shell luggage? First, you need to know the difference between soft-shell and hard-shell luggage. The hard shell luggage is often made of rigid material, which is pressure-resistant and waterproof.

It keeps the inside stuff protected; you do not need to check it out repeatedly while traveling. It has an advantage over soft shell pieces of luggage: it protects your property ten times more than the soft shell and comes with several plus points like weather resistance. Now, when it comes to their cleaning, it is a tricky matter somehow because hard-shell luggage can become dirty quickly. And if you want to know how to clean it, you are at the right place.

In this article, I have gathered some essential tips to keep your hard shell luggage clean, so let’s find out how you can do it.

how to clean hard shell luggage

Tips While Cleaning Hard Shell Luggage

If you accidentally spilled some drink or coffee on your luggage and want to clean it without damaging it, you should look at these vital tips, as they will make your cleaning business easy and safe.               

1. Empty the Luggage 

First, you must empty your luggage fully and keenly, as you will want to avoid ruining any critical stuff, like documents, to get washed away with the luggage. Precisely check the pockets of your luggage also because these are the prominent corners that hide little things while cleaning.

After removing everything from your bags, please leave them in the open air for a while; it will remove all their bad smells. Small zippers are the main area where you can lose tiny things, and they get washed away without you knowing about them.

2. Clean the Inside

Before cleaning from the outside, you need to clean the inside of your luggage in detail. This step is the most crucial one. Take out all the liquid or cosmetics from the luggage because these are the things that can spill out easily. Put the inside of your bags into Luke’s warm water or washing machine, as per your choice, with mild soap. After washing it, let it dry in open sunlight or near any minor heat setup.

Depending on the size of your luggage, you can use any brush to clean any dust or dirt out of it. Use a vacuum to clean it further but wipe out any spilled material from your luggage or any plastic lining inside it. You can also use a damp, warm towel to clean the spilled stuff from the bags.

3. Clean Removable Parts

Removing any problematic or removable parts of your luggage is essential. The central element is its wheels. For this purpose, you need to detach the wheels from the baggage with the help of screwdrivers. Clean them in the front line of your washing machine with a light round, but clean them with a brush too. You can use some extra detergent when cleaning the luggage wheels.

4. Clean the Outside

Now come to the outer part of the luggage. It is as essential as the inner side. Hard shell luggage is prone to rust and mildew, so please do not put it under the open faucet or in a tub full of water. You can use a cloth, or a sponge dipped in mild detergent to remove any dirt from the shell of your luggage.

Neatly scrub all the area outside so that it can remove any hard stains from it. When drying, please do not put it near an open fire or for too much time outdoors in the sunlight. Drying it in the warm, open air is better to save it from reshaping and fading.

5. Remove Scuffs and Marks

You will not want any ugly scuffs or hard marks on your luggage, so clean them up with a small paintbrush. Scrub it a little, or use a vacuum for this purpose. Rub it along with any damp cloth or sponge. But make sure not to rub or scrub the hard shell of your luggage too much because it will leave scratches and cracks on the hard outer surface, which will ruin your luggage. 

6. Store It Properly

And yes, store your luggage correctly because it will increase its lifeline and keep it in the best condition for a long time. Never leave your luggage out in an open area. Dry it properly with towels before packing it up for storage. Try to store it in a closet or any rack with doors.

Make sure to wrap it in a plastic bag to avoid dust and dirt. Keeping hard shell luggage properly is vital because they are more expensive than regular ones. Plus, do not store them in high temperatures above 60 to 70 Fahrenheit because the hard shells of your luggage will melt and reshape in this condition.

 Maintaining Hard Shell Luggage

Maintenance of the hard shell luggage is something that you should keenly work on because they are expensive and comparatively different from the soft shell luggage bags. Look at the following tips in this regard:

1. Regular maintenance is the most critical factor you should take care of so your luggage will not be damaged or cracked. Chances of luggage damage increase if you are a regular traveler.

2. Cleaning of hard shell luggage is another thing to consider because a little bit of extra scrubbing or pushing while cleaning may damage the outer shell of the bags. Do it safely and after reading its cleaning instructions.

3. After cleaning the hard shell luggage, ensure not to put it before the open fire system or sunlight because some shell materials catch fire quickly or become misshapen in high temperatures.

4. Luggage wheels are often the most critical part of the luggage because they quickly catch trash and dirt, and taking them out is tough. So before cleaning, nut out the wheels with the proper tools and clean them gently to be safe from any scratches or cracks.

5. On the other hand, the handles of a piece of hard shell luggage are also a part that you should focus on. Clean them with an old toothbrush and mild soap.

6. Also, check out the zippers and pockets of the luggage if they are broken or damaged. If so, repair them before cleaning the luggage.

7. Use a sponge or an old toothbrush with a block of mild soap to remove any hard stains from the hard outer case of your luggage.

8. If you buy a piece of new hard shell luggage, it is better to invest in the best quality. As per my experience, the hard shell luggage made of polycarbonate material is much more durable and stronger than the standard plastic shell.

9. It is also vital to wrap your luggage in a thin plastic layer before going for an airport trip. It will save it from any marks and dirt.

10. Do not go for cleaning your luggage from the market other than the place that gives you a guarantee or you are a regular customer of that place.

Final Thoughts: How to Clean Hard Shell Luggage?

Taking care of your luggage and stuff is very important because no one wants to repeatedly buy all the traveling stuff. It is also expensive, so it is better to save and store it accurately rather than buy new ones each time. All you need to do is clean your hard shell luggage with accurate tips and proper precautions, as it is necessary to save them from damage. The main points to take care of are the regular maintenance of your hard shell luggage and proper cleaning. You must know how to do this all.

So, after reading the above article, you know how to keep your hard shell luggage clean and safe. Let’s hope you have learned a lot from this little try. Best of luck!       

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Clean Hard Shell Luggage?

Hard shell luggage needs proper guidance and tips before cleaning because they differ from regular soft shell luggage. Some common and often-asked questions in this regard have been answered below.

1. How do you clean a Samsonite hard case luggage?                              

Answer: Using the sponge with soap and water to clean samsonite-based hard case luggage is always best. Clean all the dirt and marks with mild pressure and rubbing, and then rinse it off with some water. Dry it up in the open air rather than near the fireplace or in direct sunlight.

2. What can I use to clean the outside of my luggage?                              

Answer: You can use damp rugs or sponges to clean the outside of your hard-shell luggage. A vacuum is also the best idea to remove any hard mildew or dirt. But remember, do not put it under open water or direct sunlight. Use an old toothbrush with mild soap and water to remove any hard stains on its hard shell.

3. Do hard-shell suitcases scratch easily?

Answer: Yes, hard-shell luggage bags are prone to scratches and cracks. It is better to keep them away from any metallic object while traveling. The main reason behind scratches or cracks on your hard shell luggage is, putting them with any metal luggage, cleaning too harshly with inappropriate tools, or not maintaining them regularly.