How You Hook Luggage Together ? 4 Best Tips & Guide 2023

How You Hook Luggage Together? When you travel to another country, it might be a good idea to pack a few more bags than usual. You don’t have to be superhuman to be able to carry all those suitcases, but it sure helps to be a little bit bigger. You have only got two hands.

It may seem like pulling all the luggage is an impossible task, but there are quite a few ways that you can remove all the suitcases. If you’ve got two or more bags, tie the suitcases together. In this post, you’ll learn about different ways to hook luggage together, as well as DIY ideas for when it comes time to build your

How to Hook Luggage Together Tips and Tricks

Following are the some tips to hook luggage tpgether.

Option 1: Use Regular Luggage Straps

Use the regular luggage straps to add your bag to your existing luggage.

When traveling, your suitcase needs to be secured with luggage straps, so it doesn’t shift around and fall off the luggage carousel. The best luggage is made out of durable material so that it will last longer. It should also have a protective zipper, so your things don’t get smashed inside the bag. I’m happy that didn’t happen again! We always use luggage straps when checking in our suitcases to protect our luggage from getting damaged. By the way, we wrote a particular post about luggage straps, discussing their usefulness and showing which ones are more efficient than others.

Luggage straps aren’t only great for securing your suitcase. They also protect your luggage from damage. They’re also a great way to strap several pieces of luggage together, so you don’t have to pull each part separately. If you’re traveling with three or more suitcases, you may want to leave enough space between them, so they don’t rub against each other. You’ll need to use a luggage strap to put four bags together.

There are many ways to make your suitcase that doesn’t need to be connected to the spinner wheels. While spinner suitcases will be easier to move around when hooked together, regular bags with two rolling wheels will move around just fine. Spinner rolling suitcases are more accessible to pull and carry than hooked suitcases.

If you look at it, you can find many cheap luggage straps online, but make sure that the ones you get have a tight enough fit to The Ajmyonsp Pack of 2 Add-a-Bag Luggage Straps a great choice because they’re cheap and well tightly.

Option 2: Use a Regular Belt or Rope as a DIY Solution

No, it doesn’t take many tools to strap luggage together. A regular leather belt will work fine to strap a couple of bags together. Putting two pieces of leather together makes sense that if you hold a suitcase between them, it should not slip out of your hands quickly. Two belts are usually enough for strapping two or three suitcases together by the top handles.

To keep the bag from moving around, you should make sure to tie the bags tight. You could use rope or string to connect the bags, or you can even use a spare belt if you don’t have any.

Option 3: Use a Bungee Strap for Storing Smaller Bags on Top

Many bags and totes, such as duffles and backpacks, come with rear straps. If you’re traveling with a backpack, purse, duffel, and a carry-on, you should ensure that the smaller bags have a back strap. A sound luggage organization system makes your life much easier. It allows you to travel with only one suitcase and also helps you find your stuff easily when you’re not sure where you left it.

This is an excellent product if you don’t want to buy the giant bag, but it still offers the security of a luggage strap and convenience. It’s a piece of rope that comes in two different sizes, which is great because it allows you to wrap the top handle on one side. This luggage stands safely secures your smaller bag on top of your suitcase, even if the smaller bag doesn’t have a rear strap. It’s cheap, effective, and doesn’t take up too much space.

Option 4: Purchase a Piggyback Luggage Set (With Built-In Straps)

There’s always a bit of wit among luggage manufacturers. You can buy a travel bag with built-in luggage straps concealed in a dedicated pocket or under the top handle. For instance, the Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3-piece Hardside Spinner Luggage set has tie-together straps hidden under the top handle. If you need to travel with all your bags at once, loop a strap over the top of the second bag, and you’ll have everything in one easy-to-carry handle.

The Tach Tuff 3-piece hard side spinner luggage set is another option to keep your things safe and secure. All three products are designed and made with unique and different approaches. The three pieces can be attached simply by a velcro system. These locks are perfect for moving luggage, making them very easy to use and carry around. Here’s a quick demonstration of the TACH TUFF Luggage Set.

Final Thoughts : How to Hook Luggage Together

Attaching bags, purses, and other carry-on items with a rope is pretty simple. A leather belt is perfect for this. But you should get luggage straps if you’re traveling by air. These carry cases are inexpensive and will make packing your suitcase easy. You can use them to secure your checked luggage as well. If the zippers on your suitcase have already been closed, then the bag is protected against damage if it’s mishandled or if the zipper fails.

In conclusion, there are various methods to hook luggage together for added convenience during travel. Whether it’s using luggage straps, carabiners, or bungee cords, these simple techniques ensure that your bags stay securely connected, making transportation easier and more efficient.

By implementing these tips, you can enhance your travel experience and have peace of mind knowing that your luggage is hooked together, allowing you to navigate through airports, train stations, or any other travel situation with ease. Happy travels!

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