How To Clean Luggage Wheels From Dirt – Make Them Like New and Smooth

I was surprised that the wheels don’t work as quickly when the bag is full of dirt. You’ll discover how to clean luggage wheels from dirt in this article. After traveling for a while, I wanted to ensure the luggage was clean before putting it away.

First, use a cloth and liquid soap or liquid detergent to clean the wheel effectively. Then, roll the revolution against the fabric. You can also use the cloth inside the wheel and roll it until clean.

 The best way to get the dirt and hair off the wheels is by using a power washing kit that’s made for just that. To do that, you need to remove the wheels.

How to remove the luggage wheels for cleaning

Eventually, the luggage wheels and bearings get so dirty that they need to be replaced. The suitcase may begin to squeak, or it may be sluggish to roll.

But there is no need to remove the wheels to clean them, and they will come out quickly after some cleaning.

To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Screws are located under the back of the arm, and you must identify the correct size of screw that is right for the screw. Your luggage is all a little bit different. Some are Phillips-head, and some have flat heads. Figure out which size fits best for you and unscrew it.
  2. When you get the screws out, take them out carefully. Be careful that the bearings don’t fall out and be lost.
  3. Clean the bearings by wiping them with a cloth or paper towel. You mustn’t use any water as it could make the approach wrong. Gently wipe away any dirt and grime.
  4. After the bearings have dried and been cleaned, you’ll need to add a little lubricant to them. Something like sewing machine oil would work just as well. Then add the lubricant to the bearings and let it sit for a couple of minutes.
  5. After that, you should only use WD-40 to help get the grease into the bearing, and don’t overdo it. Next, use a wet paper towel to remove the excess cream. If there is still too much cream, you may want to wipe off the excess with another clean damp towel.
  6. Clean the wheels from the dirt by rubbing them with some water and soapy water, then spin them around.
  7. Remove the bearings by pressing the spring down into the well.
  8. Take the wheels off, put them back on, and screw them in as they were before. A revolution should have a side with a clean appearance, meaning that it should be smooth and not have any sharp edges.

If you don’t see any difference try both sides. So now your luggage wheel will run smoother and fresher than ever.

 How to remove hair from luggage wheels

Once your tires collect a lot of hair from rolling on carpets or just at home.

Then the wheels don’t move as effortlessly as before.

It’s effortless to remove the hair with this method

  1. Put the suitcase on its side and make sure the wheels point upward.
  2. Clean your wheels by taking some soapy water and cleaning them with a scrub tool or a tooth

You don’t need to clean everything off; clean off the dirt.

3. Use a butter knife, seam ripper, or tweezers to remove all the visible hairs you can see.

4. Using the butter knife, gently remove the wheel, pull the hair out, and use the tweezers to pull it out

5. Scissors may be needed if the hair has gotten stuck to the steering wheel.

6. Put clips in the hair and move them around to get as much as possible.

 7. Duct tape works for the last part. You’ll have to cut out a piece of tape that goes around the wheelbase and press it firmly.

8. After removing the excess hair, carefully tape off the remaining strands.

I wouldn’t recommend that, because it’s so dangerous to use a lighter.

Use a lighter outside or somewhere it’s safe, and burn the hairs sticking out with it.

Look out for the hot parts of the wheel and protect them from getting burned.

Or, if you don’t want to light the hair on fire, using a heat gun set on the lowest setting should do the trick. You need to go through a step-by-step process to get all the annoying hairs stuck, as explained above.

Why luggage wheels get dirty

The luggage’s wheels are always on the ground so they get dirty very quickly and this leads to damage which might require an extra cost in repairs.

Dragging the suitcase on sidewalks and off-road is the most challenging part. The best way to prevent dirt is to clean your bag before bringing it out of the storage room.

At hotels, carpet floors are known to get stuck with hair, and after a while, the hairs collect dirt and will make your wheels get slower and start to squeak.

How to prevent luggage wheels from getting dirty

The first thing you need to do is buy a luggage cover that you drag over while traveling that will protect your suitcase from any scratches or dirt.

But there’s not much you can do against dirt for the wheels. You can always wash your wheels with some soap water.

Another thing to consider when using the elevator is to carry the bag with the handle instead of dragging it down the stairs.

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