What Is A Spinner Luggage? Here’s the difference It’s about the wheels

I was wondering what spinner luggage is? Here’s what I’ve learned about these excellent luggage options.

A suitcase that comes with four wheels is called spinner luggage. It’s more convenient than the traditional suitcase. And since it stands on its own, you can drag it when it’s standing up.

It’s the best luggage for 2-wheelers, with pivoting wheels, and you can spin it in any direction. It’s called a spinner bag because you can roll it around 360 degrees.

Pros and cons with a spinner luggage


  • Elegant Design, no need to push the suitcase behind you.
  • Perfect for heavy things and staying stable on a flat surface.
  • Very smoothly glide on all types of surfaces like concrete, tiles, airport floors, and almost anything very flat.
  • You can roll this sheet in front, the back, or the side of you
  • You can quickly move in all directions.
  • It can stand up independently and doesn’t have to be supported when placed on a flat surface alone.
  • Roll it sideways in tight, narrow rooms such as the aisles of airplanes
  • There is a place on top to add extra support for a shoulder bag or briefcase.
  • With conventional two-wheel luggage, you will feel like you’re carrying another pair of suitcases. It causes you’ll feel more fatigue and stress on your arms. 
  • Spinners are more lightweight than wheeled suitcases, and therefore, they can be easier to push. 


  • Smaller wheels are often cheaper, making them more popular in airports or hotels, but if you don’t go for higher-quality wheels, they can crack.
  • Some airlines are charging fees for a larger bag capacity, resulting in fewer available carry-on slots and sometimes the extra weight.
  • The body of the bag is made from a four-wheel base, which makes it taller, and hence its destructive capacity is reduced.
  • If your container gets tipped over, you should try to get the heavier things on the bottom first.

Pros and cons with a two-wheeled luggage


  • Easier to use on carpeting, sidewalks, or cobblestones.
  • The wheel’s base isn’t as extensive as a spinner with larger internal space.
  • It’s much more durable because it’s only two wheels that can break instead of four.


  • Tilts forward only goes one direction
  • Not stable on its own but can be pushed over more efficiently with a little push
  • When deciding on a suitcase for your next trip, make sure to test it to make sure it’s long enough for your height, so you don’t hurt yourself when dragging it behind you.

How durable is spinner luggage?

Spinners are slightly different because they have a wheelbase with four wheels instead of a wheelbase and only two smaller wheels, but their quality depends on what you pay for. They usually are made of plastic, so you should be a little careful.

When you hit a curb too hard, the wheels may break.

This may seem weird, but on hotels, carpets, airports, or flat surfaces, the spinner luggage is far more comfortable and smooth-rolling than two-wheel luggage.

Wheels are always a good investment, and the price depends on the quality.

A suitcase that looks like a suitcase but spins around so it will look like a globe is a fantastic invention.

Pilots use many well-known brands. These include Samsonite and TravelPro (Amazon link).

Reasons why suitcases with spinner wheels can break

Wheels are not indestructible on both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Some cheap plastic wheels are often placed on both kinds of vehicles. Sometimes, people replace the existing tires with skateboard wheels for better durability.

When wheels start going out of balance, the best thing to do is change out the wheels. Sometimes the wheel nuts may need to be changed, or if the wheel bearing is broken, it needs to be replaced.

It’s easy to get into trouble on the trails when you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are many reasons why a plane lands in the middle of the tarmac instead of on top.

They are on a tight schedule, and mistakes do happen. It’s okay to fall off the wagon or when they load all the luggage onto the plane.

If you’re taking it from the belt conveyor and dropping it, you might damage it or lose it. Either way, it isn’t indestructible.

Some tips before buying a spinner luggage

  • If you want to make sure that you don’t tip over on your flight, then take a light bag so that it doesn’t take up much room and is easier to handle. When I travel for a more extended period, I prefer a giant suitcase to be able to fill it up more. However, if I don’t have a lot of things to bring, I opt to carry less weight, and a smaller suitcase is more practical. Whether it’s too much space, a little bump, or uneven spacing, that’s when your luggage will get out of balance and wobble. To ensure you get the best height to size fit, you need to measure the height of the handle.
  • The most common problem that people have is getting their suitcases too long. This is because when you walk, your knee bends to allow the weight of your body to rest on your ankle. Let’s test one and see if it fits.
  • Buy a solid handle. Even though it has four wheels, sometimes you will have to pick it up to carry it from one place to another. Fabric handles are often not durable enough and prone to breakage, making carrying a heavy suitcase difficult.
  • There are a lot of designs and types of built-in TSA-approved locks. This bag has no inbuilt lock. I recommend purchasing a TSA-approved lock and attaching it to it; it works just as well. Learn more about TSA-approved bags and the best luggage locks.

Why the rise in popularity of spinner luggage?

The popularity of car-sharing programs has been hard to pin down, but I believe many people choose car-sharing programs for travelers or commuters who need to get around town.

Whether you want to do a little bit of walking or a lot, a four-wheeled vehicle is your best option since it will glide effortlessly over all the flat surfaces, and it’s not too big. Some people don’t like to drag their luggage because it might be too heavy, tall, or short for their needs.

To get a quick answer, it’s convenient and easy to maneuver. It reduces weight and fatigue.

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