Are Luggage Trackers Worth It?

Are luggage trackers worth it? If you’re planning a vacation, the thought of losing your luggage can spoil the vacation mood.

If you can imagine having to wait, wait, and wait for your luggage, and no one knows where it is.

 If you lose your luggage, it’s nerve-racking and frustrating at the same time.

Do you think luggage trackers are worth it? Yes, I’m sure they are. Especially if you want to have a trouble-free journey and enjoy a sense

What is a luggage tracker?

It is a tracking device for your luggage, where you can track its location and know exactly where it is. If your bag gets lost or misplaced, you can also use it as a panic tracking alarm.

Luggage trackers are ineffective at preventing the loss of luggage, and with their high precision, speed, and performance, they will significantly help with the overall tracking process.

Types of Luggage trackers

There are three types of luggage trackers. They all depend on the technology used to track the luggage:

  • GPS

A GPS tracker uses satellite technology to find your luggage, even if it’s lost. This device work to sync the GPS chip inserted in your luggage to an app on your phone or computer.

When you travel, don’t worry about your luggage; use a GPS tracker. It will work nearly anywhere in the world by sending signals to ping precisely the exact location of the bags to your computer or mobile phone device.

Tracking your data via your mobile device is an easy and convenient way to track your progress, but it also has a significant drawback. Even though, in some instances, the signal can be blocked by natural objects such as buildings, trees, mountains, etc.

  • GSM

When you are traveling, it’s possible to find your lost or misplaced luggage with the help of GSM. This means that you should have a GSM compatible device and be in a country that supports a GSM-based chip. There are two countries, Korea and Japan, that do not have GSM services.

It uses emitting signals to transmit information to a receiver connected to your paired mobile device, which, in turn, displays the luggage location on a map.

Do you travel a lot? If you’re an avid traveler, you will benefit from a luggage tracking device like GSM Tracker because it can accurately pinpoint the location of your luggage as long as it. It’s more like sending a text, and once it detects the current location of your items, it sends an instant notification to your mobile device.

  • Bluetooth

Bluetooth is the same technology used in your computer, cell phone, and probably even your home television. It uses radio waves to send and receive data between two devices, like your computer and cell phone.

It’s as simple as it sounds: With the right tracker, it’s possible to locate your luggage using the same other devices.

However, since Bluetooth is limited to about 50-150 feet, this tracking method can only work if you’re close to your belongings.

Although Bluetooth is limited to about 50-150 feet, this tracking method is proper when near your belongings.

Bluetooth devices are great for tracking things like your mobile or keys.   

I don’t think this tracking method would be appropriate if it were far away from you.

GPS or Global Positioning System technology (GPS) and GSM technology (Global System for Mobile Communications) are still the most advanced tracking tools available to locate things at any distance and location.

Luggage Trackers: GPS vs. Bluetooth

The best luggage tracker’s features to look out for

Check Price

You have an idea of what is a luggage tracker and what it is used for.

Some of those mentioned below will do an excellent job of providing accurate results to your data tracking needs.

Because that is what you should do when purchasing any new gadget, you should have some knowledge about the features to check to get the

  • Technology and tracker’s strength

You need to use a tracking device updated with the latest technology and is highly efficient to find your belongings quickly and swiftly. It’s vital to know where you are. You can choose between Bluetooth, GSM, and GPS.

  • Size and durability

Some trackers come in different sizes and shapes, and you can find some that are heavier and larger than others. A good tracker will be invisible to burglars and vandals. Choose a small-sized one to avoid people seeing the trackers. Another factor that you should consider is the device’s durability and how well it stands up to being dropped or falling.

  • Battery type and life

You’ll need a tracker with long battery life to last you through your journey. You’ve probably seen several different types of batteries:

  • Versatility

There are several ways you can track your luggage. You have a variety of options depending on your lifestyle and needs. For example, do you want a tracker that instantly notifies you when your luggage slightly moves out of the range? One that can find your item easily by using its GPS or barcode scanning? Select a tracking device that meets the requirements for your luggage’s safety.

  • Subscription fee

Almost all GSM/GPS trackers are paid subscriptions, and not all are effective.

  • Cost

Apart from the subscription fee, you may need to dig deep into your pockets if you want to purchase high-end models. Go for a luggage tracker that meets your budget while still including the subscription fee if you’re using some of the available tracking plans.

Summary of luggage trackers benefits

  • You can use your phone or computer to trace your luggage by downloading a luggage-tracing app that connects to your luggage’s tracking device.
  • You can have smart luggage that traces itself and sends you notifications when its location changes.
  • A tracking device is a great way to know precisely where your suitcase is at any given time. It minimizes the chances of having your bag lost.


Do If you’re concerned about theft while traveling, the best luggage for your trip will depend on what your luggage needs.

You’ll want to use a luggage tracker to prevent lost luggage and ensure a relaxing journey.

These devices do help when traveling. I was glad to know when my baggage came off the conveyor belt while checking the app.

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