What Luggage to Take to Japan?

It’s time to make a trip to Japan! You can learn about what luggage to take to Japan?

You probably have already mapped out a rough outline of your travel plan.

How are you supposed to travel light if you’re traveling for a few days or more?

Be sure that your suitcase fits the airline’s size specifications.

It will guide you in choosing the best luggage for your travel needs.

Be Wary of Restricted Items

Laws against importing certain types of products from Japan have been put into place to protect the country.

There are several reasons why we can’t just let dogs run free, including protecting fauna and flora, preventing disease outbreaks, and public safety.

You may bring in fresh produce, plants, and their derivatives; however, you may not bring in illegal food items, and you cannot bring in weapons or counterfeit items.

Packing Essentials

What Luggage to Take to Japan?

Every traveler has different needs, but certain things are helpful for everyone.

Check this list off. We’re suggested for you.


As a tourist in Japan, you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where your feet will be sore.

If you want to look sharp, then make sure to bring some pairs of socks.

The shoes should be comfortable but not too challenging to put on and take off.

Some places require visitors to take off their shoes. This is when you are going outdoors in someone’s home, in restaurants that have zashiki stores, or when you are in a room meant for tea ceremonies.


Japanese fashion is usually more modest than that in North America.

You should wear clothing that’s not too revealing.

Travel Towel

You may want to pack an air dryer because Japan doesn’t

Many guests enjoy this when wiping and drying their hands after washing.

Travel Bag

It can be helpful to have a bag when traveling in Japan 

You can pack whatever items you might need for the day.

There is something for everyone here.

We’ll cover each type in more detail to get a better understanding.

The messenger bag: If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional backpack, you may want to consider hands-free handles or a cross-body strap.

 The handbag: small and can be worn over the shoulder

The backpack has: Compact design and is also hands-free.

The folding tote: Duffels look very similar to backpacks and are suitable for carrying your shopping and Japanese souvenirs.

Must-Have Souvenirs

You might think that you should take all of your Japanese souvenirs home. However, it would help if you did this. Souvenirs from a vacation are lovely to give as gifts.

They make very nice gifts to give to friends and family.


No matter what part of Japan you are visiting, there is a variety of candy and

Some examples of this include the Kit Kat bar, which comes in many varieties.

There is also decadent chocolate by the brand Bulgari, and it looks like


Traditional ball and string toys like the kendama, Koma, and spinner are excellent because they are new hobbies and have classic appeal.


A variety of fish-shaped flags called koinobori and folding fans called sense make for an original gift.

Baggage requirements

What Luggage to Take to Japan?

One rule of thumb when visiting Japan would be to pack lightly.

It’s especially true if you’re taking public transportation.

You choose several luggage sizes for suitcases and other luggage and choose the right one for your trip.

The airlines consider baggage to be small when it’s less than 45 inches or 115 cm.

There are two different sizes of bags: small ones and medium ones less than 25 inches or 75 cm.

Store them in an overhead storage drawer. It’s much more convenient to use the overhead lockers since they hold more items than the under-seat lockers.

However, more oversized luggage will be carried to another part of the train.

Japan’s JR railway has a limit on how many items you may take into. They have to have a maximum length of 250 cm and a maximum weight of 30 kg each.

Most Reputable Luggage Brands

Many companies sell luggage and travel accessories.

It is not possible to predict how long a product will last.

This list helps you choose a brand you can trust to keep your items safe.

They’re available online on Amazon, and they come highly recommended by satisfied customers.

Hard Shell

The Samsonite brand has excellent products. If you’re traveling light, try the Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage.

If you want to carry your bags on the go, the Samsonite 24-Inch Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner is a good option.

Soft Shell

Samsonite’s Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 20 for carry-on luggage is an excellent option if you travel frequently. The Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 25 is excellent for medium ones.

We recommend several brands of luggage for carry-on bags, among them the American Tourister 21. For medium-sized baggage, we’re excited about the American Tourister Elite Max Softside Spinner 25.

Personalizing your Suitcase

Did you know that suitcases are usually black or dark-colored? About 80% of them are.

Japan is expecting tens of millions of foreign visitors each year. If your luggage gets lost, stolen, or mistaken for someone else’s, it can be a huge problem.

We’ve found ways to make your bags easier to find and identify.

Luggage Tags

Choose your airline seat design or make some of your own. Bold, vibrant, and eye-catching designs make an excellent statement!

Duct Tape

This fits inside your suitcase. It’s very light. Q:

When it’s time to retrieve your baggage at the pick-up carousel, yours will be spotted from far away.

Release your Inner Artist

You may take some time to create unique luggage art.

But the most important thing you can do is take the time to find what you want. Look for products that use different patterns or even spray paint to make them easy to find

Feel free to add stickers, sew-on patches, or even tape on the bumper


Add a dash of color to your handles, belts, zipper ends, and bungee cords by using the brightest and most vibrant colors.

What to Expect at Customs

What Luggage to Take to Japan?

A set of procedures are needed to enter and leave Japan.

A Written Declaration

This document has been created to provide information about correctly declaring personal belongings.

When you land, your flight attendant will provide you. You’ll first enter Japanese Customs on the red or green channel.

 The green line is for passengers traveling for free without having anything to declare.

On the other hand, the red indicates that certain products are not taxable or duty-free.

There is a bank that allows you to do so. Its location in the customs inspection area makes it a popular venue for tourists. 


Some items are exempted from taxes.

These include clothing, hygiene, and beauty products for personal use. Products don’t always have the same allowances.

For alcohol, you may have up to 3 750 mL bottles of wine or beer with a total of 760. For tobacco products, you can have up to 500 grams. We’re sorry to tell you this, but this policy change is effective immediately.

 You should be allowed up to 2 ounces or 56 ml of perfume


People in Japan speak Japanese, but most of them speak English.

Luckily, there are. More and more people can speak the language. If a traveler wants to reach his destination safely, they should rely on signage written in English.

People usually aren’t worried about whether they are being served in English when talking to restaurant staff or hotel employees. It would help if you also tried getting help from local vendors.

Some may have a more limited understanding of the English language. They are always nervous about talking in front of a group because I don’t want to make any mistakes

When I travel, I feel that I’m not so much visiting new places but more connecting with people from around. We encourage you to give it a try in Japanese by learning a few words and phrases.

I like these two-way translation apps because they’re easy to use, accessible, and can be used to translate from English to almost any language.

Some apps are available on both iPhone and Android. Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones:

Bravolol’s Japanese Dictionary

If you’re looking for a great app to learn Japanese, this is it. You’ll learn the basics quickly and easily.

It is more than a dictionary. There are hundreds of thousands of words and phrases.

It’s also available offline.


In this app, instead of speaking a word aloud, you will be able to have it read out loud.

The camera feature lets you know what you want to see.

Sign-speak, notices, and menus will now be utterly foreign to you.

In Conclusion

Traveling to Japan is the experience of a lifetime.

To have the best time while on a trip, go light. Pack lightly.

Find luggage that fits the dimension requirements of Japan Rail’s trains. There’s no limit. You can bring whatever you want into the country.

Hooray! It’s time to pack up the family and head out on vacation.

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