5 Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving : Tips and Guide 2023

Are you considering moving somewhere and don’t know how to pack clothes? Well, it is an irritating process. Packing clothes for a trip is more daunting than shifting furniture and stuff. While packing, your clothes end up messing up your whole place. You can hire a company service or assistant to help you pack clothes because some companies provide contract-based assistance if you want to.

On the other hand, properly planning and doing things in steps will make things much easier for you. Plus, making a list before packing clothes is good to avoid skipping anything. In this article, I have tried my best to gather all the essential tips and points to help you pack clothes for your trip without any irritating situations.

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Things to Do Before Packing

Before shoving all your clothing items into the boxes or containers, you should look for a list of ways to do things properly. It is better to do your stuff yourself rather than depending on some moving company. It will keep you safe from extra expenses, and you will know where you have put all of your property. Let’s look below at what to keep and what to not,                 

1. Decide What to Keep           

While packing for moving, this is the perfect time to decide what to keep, donate, and sell. You can sell well-kept items if you do not want to use or keep them. This will provide an extra side budget to assist you while moving and give you extra space.

It is good to donate what you are not using and what you do not want to sell. It will help people experiencing poverty and make your stuff lightweight. And if you are thinking about keeping things, then make sure that they are in good condition and you can sort them out to pack appropriately.

2. Sort Clothes

Yes, it is exceptionally vital to sort your stuff out before packing. There are many ways to sort things, like keeping them according to season. According to my expertise, the seasonal arrangement is much more convenient than others because it will keep the stuff from accumulating. Another way is to sort them out individually. Pack the things of each family member in boxes and pack them with name labels. On the other hand, sorting them out in different pieces, like shirts in one place, pants in the other, and likewise. It will help you keep all the similar items together for easy reach.     

Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving : 5 Best Methods

Choosing the best way to pack clothes while moving is undoubtedly frantic. You can ask anyone around or hire a moving company to fill your stuff for you. But no, it is a time taking process. You can easily do it yourself, and here are some of the options you can consider;

1. Vacuum bag

Heavy clothes like jackets or coats take up much space, and storing them in a condensed form is crucial. And the question is, how? So, these vacuum bags are made to keep your massive items in a condensed format.

2. Suitcases and duffle bags

While moving, the essentials should be kept handy in a suitcase. These are the best options to keep folded clothing in place. Suitcases can also be used to keep the shoes safe

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3. Large zip-lock bags

If there is some clothing that you don’t need right after moving or there is something left for laundry. Buy a large zip lock bag and put the clothes into it.

4. Wardrobe boxes

Use the wardrobe boxes for the clothes on hangers to make unpacking easy and quick. It will keep them wrinkle-free while in a hanging position.

5. Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most common way to pack things while moving and are undoubtedly the most convenient way. You can put almost everything in a folded or rolled form into these boxes and then tape them for security.                    

Best Way to Pack Non-Hanging Clothes

Packing all the non-hanging stuff and sorting it out is labour-intensive. This can be your most significant worry in the middle of the rush and the hustle and bustle, so start packing or folding non-hanging clothes almost a month ago.

The military fold method can be used for delicate and light pieces of cloth such as T-shirts. On the other hand, flat-folding methods can be used for bulky clothes, for example, jackets.               

Best Way to Pack Hanging Clothes

Are you thinking of moving with your clothes in a hanging position? Most people ask the same question: how is it possible, by the way? Well, it is possible to transport your closet as it is. It will keep your clothes wrinkle-free, especially delicate dresses. People often hang dress shirts, clothing pants, coats, blouses, or dresses in their closets. Luckily, many ways are available to transport your clothes in a hanging position. Some of these are;

1. Use a Wardrobe Box           

Wardrobe boxes are expensive, but it is the most worthy and satisfactory way to keep clothes in a hanging position. They are designed to maintain the clothes in a dependent place, wherever you go. They have a hanging bar in them to hang almost every kind of clothing in it. So, yes, this is the best option.

2. Use drawstring trash bags 

Drawstring bags are arguably the most affordable plus the easiest way to keep your clothes safe while in a hanging position. It is best to use for valuable and pricier clothing.

The first way is to cut the bottom line of the drawstring bag and pass the clothes along with their hanger from inside to the top, and then tie it. Another way is to open the bag’s strings, slip your clothing into it, and connect the lines tightly with the hangers. And look, here your clothes are in safe hands.

3. Garment Bags          

You can easily find garment bags in a local shop, laundry, or online. This is an attractive option to keep your delicate clothing safe and clean. It will keep the dress from getting dusty or dirty.

How to Fold Clothes For Packing? 

Folding clothes is a real headache if you move and have a lot to pack. It would be best to start packing or folding clothes almost a month before moving. However, there are many ways to fold your clothing; some of them are;

1. Military roll

The military roll method is a way to roll simple and light clothing items and put them anywhere you want. It is a delicate method for T-shirts, dresses, or fragile clothing items.

2. Flat folding 

The flat fold method suits bulky clothes such as winter wear, jeans, jackets, coats, and comforters. After folding the clothes flat, they will be ready to store into duffle bags or suitcases. The balanced folding method is also proper when putting your clothes into racks or cabinets.           

How to Pack Shoes 

It is tempting to leave all your shoes in a duffel bag to rot and get ruined. In the clothing range, shoes are the items that get reshaped quickly. Shoes should be kept in extreme care while moving from one place to another because they get ruined in transit. The real headache is not prepping the shoe packing because it will irritate you.

The best way to pack the shoes is to stuff them with tissue paper or a newspaper. It will keep its shape. And please, do not put them in a duffle bag; instead, pack your shoes in a suitcase, shoe boxes, or shoe bags. Fill the shoes with packing paper to manage them with the utmost care to add an extra layer of security.

More Tips on the Best Ways to Pack Clothes for Moving

Almost every person on this planet needs tips and suggestions at some point, but packing clothes is something that everyone needs tips for. So here are some of the ideal and experienced leads to follow while moving; let’s dig into it;   

1. It is always better to clean your clothes and related stuff before storing them because it will make unpacking easy and keep the clothes from smelling.

2. Keep your essentials and first-hand items in a suitcase on the side to assist you right after moving.

3. Putting the heaviest items below and the weightless items on top is always a vital tip to follow.

4. Pair them in zipper plastic bags or cartons before shoving your clothes in the cabinet and racks.

5. Always carry your essential and valuable items in your car. It will keep them safe.

6. Your bags and boxes should be wrapped with packing paper to add security.

7. It is better to keep as many clothes on wardrobe hangers as you can to minimize the luggage.

8. The clothes kept in boxes or suitcases should be adequately folded to utilize as much space as you can.

9. Packing accessories or smaller items in separate boxes will help you find them quickly when needed.

10. Always stuff your shoes with a newspaper or paper tissue to prevent reshaping. Plus, you can keep them in shoe boxes or shoe bags.

11. Set a laundry day after sorting out what to keep and want to give. Some unwashed clothes will be left, and you will not want to keep them smelly while moving to a new place. So it is better to wash them a few days before moving.          

Final Thoughts : Best way to pack clothes for moving

Have you found your way to pack the clothes for moving? I hope this article has been proven handy in this manner. Now you know that loading clothes for moving is time-consuming but not a matter to worry about. All you need is to understand the proper ways to do it, plus some experienced suggestions. If you ask me honestly, packing clothes was something I used to get afraid of before moving, but my grandma gave me these sorting out tips which I have shared above with you all. Well then, buddies, I hope I have assisted you with your queries, and best of luck with your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Best Way to Pack Clothes for Moving

People often ask some of the most common but to-the-point questions about packing clothes. Some of these are as follows:                                  

1. When should you start packing for moving?                               

Packing clothes to move is a hectic point of travelling. It depends on the interval of your trip plus how much you want to load. So, it’s better to start packing almost two to four weeks before moving.

2. Will movers pack clothes for you? 

Yes, you can hire movers who can do all your packing and stuff. It will be convenient as well as a bit of money taking. It will be included in your budget, but this idea will be ideal if you can afford it.

3. Is it better to roll or fold clothes?

It depends upon the type of clothing. Massive or bulky clothing is suitable in simple flat folds like winter clothes. On the other hand, smaller items like T-shirts, undergarments, etc., will go smoothly through the military fold style.      

4. What is the most space-efficient way to pack clothes?  

If I share my experience with you, the military fold idea will spare you more space than the flat fold one. Because, despite the type of clothing, the military fold is suitable for all of them.           

5. Can I leave clothes in my dresser when moving?           

Leaving your clothes in the dresser while moving is okay if you are moving not so far. But make sure to fold the clothes and sort them out before putting them into the dresser to keep them from getting ruined. Also, remember to wrap your dresser drawer with a heavy-duty plastic wrapper to keep the drawers or cabinets from opening while moving. 

6. How to move clothes on hangers?

You can leave the clothes on the hangers while moving, but get hanging wardrobe boxes to keep your clothing safe.   

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