Can You Put Hairspray in Checked Luggage? (Travel Tips 2023)

Travelling is an exciting way to explore the world, whether it’s for business or leisure. When packing for your air journey, you must know the rules and regulations regarding what items you can bring in your luggage.

Many people use Hairspray and want to take their favorite spray in their luggage, so they style their hair during the trip. Hairspray is a simple way to keep your hair on point when travelling. One common question that many people ask is,” Can we put hair spray in checked luggage?”

This article will delve into the rules and restrictions the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airlines apply to hair spray transition and its inclusion in your checked baggage. It helps you pack only permissible hairsprays according to allowed limits to avoid hassle and ensure a smooth travel experience.

Also, we discuss the secure ways to pack the Hairspray in your luggage to avoid any damage or leakage. It’s better to check specific airline rules and regulations regarding the transition of hair sprays in your luggage.

Is Hairspray considered a liquid?

Yes, Hairspray is considered a liquid because most hairsprays are packaged in aerosol containers that contain liquid contents under pressure. Non-aerosol or aerosol hairsprays all are considered liquid.

So, you must follow the TSA 3-1-1- liquid rules while packing the hairsprays. All liquids, gels, and aerosols must be filled in containers of 3.4 oz or less and placed in a clear, quart-sized bag for carry-on on the plan.

There are also specific rules and restrictions to aerosols due to their flammable nature. So, it’s better to check the airline’s rules and regulations for the safe transportation of aerosol Hairsprays.

Can you bring Hairspray in Your Carryon Bag?

Yes, you can bring Hairspray in your carry-on bag, but you must follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) state that you can carry aerosol products, including Hairspray, in your carry-on bag, but each container is 3.4 oz (100 ml) or less.

You can use travel-size containers to pack Hairspray in a carry-on. These containers must be adequately sealed and placed in a single quart-sized, clear plastic bag. One quart-size liquid container bag is allowed per passenger in their carry-on and has easy access for inspection at the security checkpoint.

Hairspray is considered a flammable item due to its aerosol content, so it’s better to check the airline’s specification about aerosol or hairspray transition for safe travel.

Can you pack Hairspray in Your Checked Bag?

There is no restriction in packing hair sprays in your checked luggage. Most airlines allow you to bring Hairspray in your checked bag. But each airline has its own rules and regulations, so you have to follow their rules to avoid any complications.

Your hair spray container must be appropriately packed. The nozzle of the spray container must be tightly sealed. It’s recommended to place it in a plastic bag or wrap it in bubble wrap or in any protective material to prevent leakage.

Usually, you can pack Hairspray in large amounts, but some airlines have quantity limitations. Also, most hairsprays contain aerosol in them, which is a hazardous material. So, checking your airline’s guidelines regarding the hairspray transition is better to avoid any hassle.

What Size are Hairspray permitted on a Plane?     

When bringing Hairspray in your carry-on bag on a plane, you can pack Hairspray in a travel-sized container. The container size must be 3.4 oz (100 ml) maximum and placed in a clear, quart-size plastic bag.

The 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) limit for carry-on bags is the Size of the container itself; it’s not the amount of Hairspray inside. So, if you have a container larger than 3.4 ounces, it may not be permitted in your carry-on bag, even if it is half filled.

Larger-sized hairspray containers are allowed in checked bags, but there are restrictions on the overall volume or flammability. It’s suggested to check with your specific airline for their guideline before packing to avoid any issues during security screening.

Can Hairspray Explode on a Plane?               

Hairspray does not explode on a plane. Hairspray contains flammable ingredients and is packaged as an aerosol, but the probability of its explosion on an aircraft is very low. Hairspray containers can withstand pressure and temperature changes during air travel.

There is a possibility of leakage or container damage if Hairspray is mishandled or exposed to extreme conditions, but the chances of an explosion are minimal. However, it’s always essential to follow airline rules and regulations to transport for a smooth journey safely.

Aerosol Hairspray or Pump Action?

It doesn’t matter if the Hairspray is Aerosol or Pump Action, as TSA considers both Hairspray liquid. So, both Hairsprays follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule while you are carrying it in your hand luggage.

Also, you can pack large containers of Hairspray in checked luggage but ensure they are sealed and tightly packed. Also, aerosol hairspray is a flammable and hazardous material, so you take all necessary precautions while packing it to avoid any damage or leakage.

The Best Hairspray for Traveling on Plane:     

The best Hairspray for air travel depends on your specific needs and preferences.

But you must choose travel-sized hairspray for a carry-on bag as TSA requires. If your favorite brand does not offer a travel-size container, you can buy refillable travel-size containers to pack it.

Also, choose a hairspray that offers additional benefits like heat or UV protection. Go for travel-friendly packaging that is secure and durable.

Carrying Other Hair Products on a Plane:

You can also bring other hair products on the plane. Hair gel, wax, mousse, pomade, or shampoo are essential personal hygiene products so that you can pack these hair products in your luggage.

Remember, TSA categorized all the gel, shampoo, hairsprays and wax as liquids, so make sure all these product containers follow the TSA liquid rule of 3-1-1. So, each passenger can carry one quart-size, clear plastic bag of 3.4 oz(100ml) travel-size containers of liquids in their carry-on on a plane.

You can pack large containers of hair products in your checked luggage. It’s a great idea to check your airline and TSA rules and regulations regarding the transition of hair products before packaging to avoid any hassle.

How to Safely Pack Your Hairspray?

It’s essential to transit your Hairspray smoothly in your luggage. You can follow the following tips to pack your hair sprays safely:

Choose Travel-Sized Containers:

You must choose travel-sized hairspray containers that meet the TSA 3-1-1 Liquid rule for carry-on liquids. Pack these small containers in your hand luggage in a clear, quart-size plastic bag.

These travel-size containers are convenient for packing and reduce the risk of leakage and damage. Also, you can refill it for every air travel.

Secure the Cap or Nozzle:

Ensure the hairspray container’s cap/ lid or nozzle is tightly sealed to avoid leakage. It’s better to pack hairspray containers in a plastic bag or wrap them in bubble wrap to prevent any leakage or damage risk. Also, you can secure the nozzle and cap by laying tape on it adequately.

Place it properly in checked luggage:

Place the sealed hairspray container in the middle of the checked luggage, surrounded with clothes, towels or soft items to provide extra padding. It will help to reduce the leakage or damage.

Check Airline Regulations:

You must check the specific guidelines of the airline regarding the transportation of Hairspray. Ensure you understand their size and quantity restrictions, and pack accordingly for a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Final thought: Can You Put Hairspray in Checked Luggage

Many people want to style their hair perfectly during their air journey. So, we hope they get all clear answers to their questions; “can you put hair sprays in your checked luggage?”

Yes, you can put hair sprays in your checked luggage. Ensure that hair spray containers are tightly sealed and follow the weight and size limitations. Also, you can use plastic bags or wrap in bubble wrap or soft clothes for extra protection to avoid any leakage or damage.

Also, knowing the airline’s rules and regulations is crucial before packing Hairspray for travel. You must follow the rules and regulations of TSA and airlines for a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Frequently asked questions: Can You Put Hairspray in Checked Luggage

following are the frequently asked questions about Can You Put Hairspray in Checked Luggage

Is Hairspray considered a liquid by the TSA?

Yes, hair spray is considered a liquid by TSA and must follow TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule for hand baggage.

How big can my hair spray containers be carried in flight?

Your hairspray container size must be 3.4 oz maximum for hand baggage. It’s better to use travel-size containers for carry-on.

You can pack large hairspray containers in checked baggage without any specific weight limit.

However, your hair spray quantity must be under 70oz. Also, each container contains an 18oz maximum for checked luggage.

It’s great to check your airline’s rules and limitations regarding the transition of hair sprays.

Is hair gel considered a liquid by the TSA?

Yes, hair gel is also considered a liquid. You must follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule while packing it in your luggage.

Can the TSA confiscate my hair spray?

Yes, TSA can confiscate your Hairspray if your container exceeds the size limits. Also, opened or unsealed hair spray is not allowed in your checked luggage as it can leak or damage all other belongings.

Do toiletries have to be in clear bags?

TSA does not specify that toiletry bags must be clear. However, placing travel-size liquid containers in a quart-size, clear plastic bag is better. It helps to clear security clearance by security officers without any issues.


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