What can I take on a plane in checked luggage? Guide 2023

Are you confused what can i take on a plane in checked luggage? Are you terrified of TSA rummaging through your luggage? TSA(Transportation Security Administration) can be a real headache if you pack anything troublesome in your luggage.

Competently, you can be fearless of these kinds of circumstances if you have read and understood the restrictions and rules of the TSA. Little things like matchboxes, glues, liquid food, medicine, or even wrapped presents can throw you in real trouble. Your checked luggage can be flagged for something you don’t even dream of.

Studying and reading the TSA-checked luggage rules and regulations is crucial before getting on board. Most people must find out if the item they’ve packed is dangerous. So, I have researched and settled some major trouble-making things for you here. It will give you an idea of what to take and what not to take in the checked luggage. 

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Checked Luggage Rules You Need to Know           

Airport security rules are something that anyone might be afraid of. Whether you are packing to travel for work or going to your dream destination is equally pertinent. Packing for getting on board is a time taking the assignment. It becomes better if you have enough time to research its restrictions. You should be aware of TSA’s carry-on rules, and the food rules and TSA liquid limit rules should also be noticed.

Most people ponder that TSA always rifles through the checked luggage and puts everything out here and there. But believe me, it is not true at all. TSA uses advanced technology to scan through your checked luggage. They only have a little time to go through everything in a single-person checked baggage. So do not worry about that.

Go through the TSA-checked luggage rules before putting anything in your bags. It is so because you will not want your goodies ending up in the expropriation bin of the transportation security administration.

We have called on the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and TSA to list precisely what things we should take care of. The list of those items is listed below in detail.

Packing Food In Checked Luggage

Food is the main thing that most people do not know about. This needs to be clarified and critical. It is because of the danger of pests or drugs in the form of food. I’ve explained below some central ideas, but for further details, read about food rules in Can I pack food in my checked luggage? 

1. Meat and relatable

Usually, it is restricted to packing fresh meat or seafood in your checked luggage because it gets decayed too quickly. But don’t worry, if you still want to take root or relatable food in your checked baggage, it should be vacuum sealed or in dry and hard form

2. Liquid food   

Liquid food is highly restricted or prohibited per the TSA checked luggage or TSA food rules.

3. Solid food 

Solid food is mainly allowed on board if it is dry and hardened. It is so because it will not spread all around and will not get ruined as time passes. It includes primarily dry goodies, dry fruits, vacuumed meat, sealed snacks, etc.           

Packing Liquids & Toiletries In Checked Luggage

Toiletries also come with specified rules and regulations by TSA, especially liquids. I’ve explained the basics in detail below

1. Bleach and ammonia

The bad news for neat freaks is that you can’t carry any ammonia or bleach on board. It is because bleach is a good oxidizer, and it can be used to trigger a fire. While on the other hand, ammonia is highly prohibited because of its explosive quality after mixing with other chemical substances.

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2. Aerosols 

Almost all kinds of aerosols are restricted, such as fire extinguishers, bear spray, fly spray, starch spray, cooking spray, and spray paints. It is because if any aerosolized bear spray got into the aircraft system under any circumstances, it would be highly harmful to passengers, crew, and staff members. You can keep your cleaning sprays with you, like perfume, deodorant, or hygienic sprays, in your checked bag, but they should be in aerosol security cases.       

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Packing Alcohol In Checked Luggage

Alcohol is also risky to take on board if it is more than 70% alcohol because it is highly flammable. I’ve discussed it in detail below;                                   

1. High-proof Alcohol

We have searched for an FAA spokesperson, Mr Donnell Evan, who said that Flammable liquids are a significant threat to aeroplanes. More than 70% alcohol in anything or 140 proofs is extremely flammable. So, it is highly prohibited or banned to take on board. Otherwise, it is ok to pack any liquor or favourite wine in your checked bag, which has less than 70% alcohol.

There is a restriction on its per-person quantity also. It usually is 1.3 gallons or 5 litres in terms of measurement. However, make sure that whatever you take on board should be sealed with its retailed seal packaging. Otherwise, it will also be a matter of issue for you. 

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Can I bring perfume in checked luggage?

Packing Batteries & Laptops In Checked Luggage

Are you thinking of carrying a whole bag of loose batteries with you? Don’t even think about that, buddy, because lithium batteries can be of significant risk as they are highly flammable. I’ve discussed these in detail below;             

1. Laptops 

Laptops or cameras contain lithium batteries, which are highly explosive and can be an excellent risk for aircraft. There are also some exceptional cases for lithium batteries, which you can use to pack your laptop’s battery. A pure battery is ok to carry, but if it is safely packed and verified.

2. Lithium batteries

If you need to learn about lithium batteries, let me inform you that they are highly explosive and can create an incident if not taken care of. They are installed in almost everything, such as laptops, E-posts, vapes, or cameras. It is recorded that they can explode in the middle of the flight, so they are restricted. However, if you have packed them in a specified battery container, they can be good to go, but after inspection and in verified amounts.     

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 Packing Electrical Items In Checked Luggage

Electrical items include various crucial things regarding the TSA security rules and regulations. Electrical items such as laptops and cameras have lithium batteries, which can be dangerous in flammable circumstances.

It also includes a hair curling iron with a cartridge powered by butane. Therefore, it can explode on the board. Unfortunately, you can’t take your hair curling iron with you, it is better to learn how to curl your hair in the absence of this gadget, plus you can manage with straight hair too.

It depends on the loose batteries because you cannot carry them on board. Otherwise, you are permitted to take any power tools with you.

Packing Knives & Self-Defence Items In Checked Baggage

Knives and self-defence items are also proved dangerous in some conditions. They can be a weapon for bad guys trying to harm others. Let’s dig into it for further information;

1. Knives

Knives are not recommended to take along on a flight because of their harmful effects. It is so that the bad guys cannot try to harm or abuse other passengers while on the way.

2. Ammunition

However, the term ammunition regards guns, shotgun shells, or any weapon. Regardless of the highly secured rules by TSA and FAA for ammunition, you can carry your gun. But wait, they have some restrictions on this, too, as your gun should be legal, and you should have a license.

The weapon should be around about .75 calibre and packed in a hard shell case, especially for these things. By the way, any black powder, smokeless powder, ball loads, percussion caps, or primers are highly banned from taking on board. The FAA and TSA have limited the proportion of ammunition to 11 pounds per passenger, but it should be declared to the team before moving further.                                     

What You Can’t Pack In The Checked Luggage

Some things do not come into any specific category, so I have listed some of the most common items with some details that can bring you trouble. Read them out and think why they can be problematic;

1. Lighters or matches

Lighters or matchboxes are highly risky to take on board in checked luggage. It is because they are flammable and can be of significant risk to the aircraft. However, you can carry a piece lighter or a matchbox in your carry bag. And if you want to take lighters with you, they should be fuel free and adequately packed in DOT (Department of Transportation approved case).

2. Vapes or E- cigarettes

Any substitute for cigarettes is highly prohibited from getting on board.  They contain lithium batteries that are strongly restricted because of risk factors.

3. Certain novelty items

Nowadays, many products in the market need more apparent shapes and structures, like grenades, pistols, or knives. Even if they are just harmless perfumes or bottles of anything, they can be a real headache for you while standing in front of the TSA at the airport. Your luggage can be flagged because of these funny little products. So, it is better to be safe by not bringing anything like this.

4. Medication

The TSA doesn’t know if you have your prescribed medication with you or if anything is harmful in the form of medicines. Other than that, you can carry your treatment with you and a prescription in your checked luggage. But it is better to pack the needed amount only and keep it in your carry bag for additional safety. There is no specific rule for the amount of medicine in the checked luggage.

5. Fireworks      

Are you thinking of taking the fireworks with you on board? Do not even think about that, as they are explosive. It is evident by the name that these things can not be taken on the flight and are highly restricted. So, to avoid any issues at the airport, leave these behind and refrain from attempting to carry these with you.

6. Car axles       

Yes, you can carry the car axles in your checked bag, but there will be chances that the TSA agents will open your luggage to inspect the exact item further. Sometimes, the car axles might seem awkward in the screening process, but if they are confirmed harmless, they will be packed up again in your checked luggage.

7. Chemical kits

Don’t be a chemical man. If you want to assist your grandma in testing the land’s fertility before the plantation process, you can buy a soil testing kit right after landing or courier it directly to your grandma’s house. But please, do not carry chemical equipment in your luggage, such as land or water testing kits and kid’s chemistry kits, as some of the chemicals can be a reason behind any incident because they are flammable.

8. Wrapped presents   

To make your journey smooth, rather than wrapping any of your gifts, put them in some pretty gift bag to remain safe. It will save you from any extra inspection hurdles because TSA scans everything from the inside out, and if there is any issue, they will unpack your gifts. So it is better to keep the gifts from wrapping.

9. Specialty glue

If you don’t want your luggage to be flagged by the TSA, don’t pack any glue in your bags to be safe. Some sealants, like rubber cement, super adhesives, or construction glues, have many chemicals. Most of the substances in bonds are highly flammable, so they are not allowed to take on board. By the way, simple school glue is acceptable to carry in small amounts.     

10. Camp-stove propane canisters

People travel for camping or hiking also. Camp-stove propane canister is highly related to camping or hiking. Beginners often need to find out if these camp-stove propane canisters are ok to take on board. And due to this, they end up in disguise. These are restricted because they contain fuel, which is highly Flammable and can be a risk for aircraft. Ok, but if you want to keep them alone, clean and purge them beforehand. If they have no fuel, that will be good to go.          

Final Thoughts : What can I take on a plane in checked luggage?

In conclusion, packing your stuff for checked luggage is an evaluative matter. Believe me, pals, if you have yet to go through all the airport security or TSA-checked luggage rules, you will be inconvenienced in the middle of the airport. It will ruin your tour plus give you a handful of stress. So, to avoid this kind of infuriating situation, you better read out the TSA checked luggage rules plus airport security rules. And getting on an international flight will be much more crucial because you will have to go through the airport security rules of your designated country.