Can You Pack Aerosol Sunscreen in Checked Luggage? Guide

Travelling is a great way to explore new destinations. Packaging all your essential items in your luggage is crucial to avoid discomfort at your destination. Sunscreens are also a handy product that you require a lot. Nowadays, the most popular sunscreens contain Aerosol. Aerosol sunscreens are convenient and easy to use, so people want to get their favourite sunscreen with them.

 “Can you pack aerosol sunscreen in checked luggage? “This is a fundamental question that many travellers ask. The most straightforward answer is Yes. According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), you can pack aerosol sunscreen in your checked luggage, but there are some rules and regulations. As it’s a flammable substance, airlines have implemented specific rules and regulations for transitioning aerosol sunscreen due to safety concerns.

In this article, we will discuss all the aspects related to packing and the transition of aerosol sunscreen in your checked luggage. It will help you to prepare your baggage accordingly, and you can enjoy a safe and hassle-free journey.

Can You Bring Aerosol Sunscreen On A Plane?

You can travel with an aerosol sunscreen container, but there are some limitations. You must follow airline and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules and regulations. According to the TSA, aerosol sunscreen quantity is less than 3.4 oz in a carry-on bag, sealed and packed. If you want to travel with a larger quantity of aerosol sunscreen, then you must be aware of airline laws. However, higher quantity aerosol sunscreen containers are allowed in your checked luggage.

All flammable aerosol products are not allowed on planes. Aerosol sunscreen containers are tightly packed and sealed. It’s essential to read carefully all rules and regulations of your airline before travelling and filling, so you can avoid any issues.

Can Aerosol SunScreen Go In Checked Luggage?

Yes, aerosol sunscreen containers are allowed to pack in checked luggage. But there are also some rules and regulations that must be followed. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approves the total amount of aerosols not more than 2 kg or 2 L or approximately 70 oz in your checked luggage. Also, the amount of Aerosol in each container is 0.5 kg or 500 ml or 17 fluid oz maximum.

 Aerosol sunscreen containers must be packed and sealed correctly to reduce any flammability risks associated with aerosol containers. Its buttons/nozzles are capped and sealed carefully. You can use resealable plastic bags or wrap them in clothes to reduce the risk of accidental release. 

As aerosol sunscreen can be unstable and imbalanced due to changes in pressure and temperature in flight, it is recommended to double-wrap the container of aerosol sunscreen to avoid any damage.

You must know airline policies regarding aerosol sunscreen container transition to avoid the hassle. 

Is It Safe To Fly With Aerosol Sunscreen Cans?

Yes, flying with aerosol sunscreen cans is safe, but you must follow the rules and regulations of airlines and the TSA to avoid any risk. Due to changes in air pressure and temperature in the plane, there is always a chance of an explosion or rupture of aerosol-containing cans. So we discuss some essential tips for safety while travelling with aerosol cans. These tips are the following:

Aerosol sunscreen cans are Properly Sealed:

 Your aerosol sunscreen containers must be tightly packed and sealed. Cap the nozzle tightly to avoid accidental release due to changes in temperature or pressure during flight.

Check Your Airline Regulations:

Different airlines have specific rules and policies regarding the transportation of aerosol sunscreen cans in checked luggage. So you must know the laws and regulations and pack aerosol cans according to airline restrictions.

Follow Label Instructions:

There are many instructions labelled on each container of aerosol sunscreen, like do not store near open flame, keeping them away from direct sunlight etc., so you must follow all these instructions to reduce any risk factor.

Store Aerosol Cans Safely:

If you pack aerosol sunscreen containers in your checked luggage, It’s essential to store them safely. You can store aerosol containers in a sealed plastic bag or bubble wrap to avoid leakage.

Is It Safe To Take Aerosol Sunscreen In Checked Luggage?

It is safe to take aerosol sunscreen in your checked luggage with all necessary precautions. But there is also a risk of its leakage or explosion as Aerosol is a hazardous material, so it’s essential to follow the rules of airlines and TSA in transporting anything that contains Aerosol.

Also, you can pack a limited quantity of aerosol sunscreen cans in your checked baggage. Due to the benefits of aerosol sunscreen on your skin, you can get a fixed amount in your checked luggage.

What Size Aerosol Sunscreen Do You Take On A Plane?

There are different sizes of aerosol sunscreen available in the market. Usually, we have two standard sizes available are:

  • Full-size Sunscreen
  • A bottle of sunscreen

Always be well aware of the rules and quantity restrictions by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)and airlines.

All aerosol sunscreen, gels or liquids must be 3.4 ounces or less in volume, and all containers must fit inside one quart-sized clear plastic bag with a sealed zip top. Therefore, when taking aerosol sunscreen on a plane in your carry-on baggage, the maximum container size is 3.4 ounces (100 millilitres).

So buying a small bottle of aerosol sunscreen is recommended for easy and safe travel. But if you purchased a full-size aerosol sunscreen, you can pack it carefully in your checked luggage. The maximum amount of a large container of aerosol sunscreen is 70 oz. 

The laws and regulations may vary for different airlines, so it’s better to be well-informed about your airline rules before packing for a flight.

 Will Aerosol Sunscreen Explode In Checked Luggage?

No, Aerosol products are generally safe to pack in your checked luggage, and chances of explosion are meagre. Aerosol products, including sunscreen, are designed and manufactured with safety measures to prevent accidents.

Due to changes in pressure and temperature in flight, some leakage may occur, but explosion chances are meagre. So don’t worry; pack your aerosol sunscreen and other aerosol products without fear of explosion.

However, following some basic precautions when packing aerosol products in your checked luggage is always better.

  • Ensure the aerosol product container is tightly sealed
  •  Pack aerosols in a protective bag or wrap them
  • Follow airline and TSA guidelines

How To Pack Aerosol Sunscreen For Flying?

Aerosol sunscreen is essential for protecting your skin. So it’s better to pack your sunscreen in your checked baggage. But before packing, it’s necessary to check the rules and regulations of airlines. Before packing, you must confirm that your chosen Aerosol can brand is approved for air travel to ensure a safe and hassle-free journey. 

 Here are some steps you can take to pack aerosol sunscreen for your flight:

Check the aerosol sunscreen container size:  Ensure the container is within the size limit that TSA and airlines allow. The container should hold a maximum of 3.4 ounces (100 ml) of product.

For transportation of large quantities, it must be packed in checked luggage.

Secure the cap of the container: Ensure the aerosol container is tightly sealed with its cap or lid to prevent any accidental leakage during transit in flight.

Place it in a clear, quart-sized plastic bag: The TSA requires that all liquids, gels, and aerosols in carry-on luggage be placed in a clear, quart-sized plastic bag. Also, Put your aerosol sunscreen container in this bag to make it easily accessible for security screening.

Protect the container: it’s recommended to place the aerosol sunscreen container in a small, resealable plastic bag or wrap it in clothes or towels to provide additional cushioning. It helps to avoid any leakage.

Follow airline and TSA guidelines: It’s essential to follow the specific guidelines of your airline and the TSA regarding the transport of aerosol products. You must get all the information before travelling.

Store aerosol sunscreen cans in a cool and dry place: Aerosol may be damaged or leak due to changes in pressure and temperature. So it’s great to pack aerosol cans in checked luggage and wrap them in a sealed plastic bag.

Best Travel-Friendly Sunscreen Containers:

You can use some travel-friendly aerosol sunscreen containers for convenient and hassle-free travel.

 You can use a travel-size container(3.4 oz) in a clear zip plastic bag. Also, you can use mini aerosol cans that contain 1.5 oz to 2.5 oz. These quantities are TSA approved, so you don’t get any objection to these cans.

There areTravel-sized refillable aerosol containers available. You can fill your favourite sunscreen in these smaller containers for travel convenience.

Some companies prepared airless pump aerosol containers for sunscreen. They provide a controlled spray and are usually travel-sized and leak-proof. 

When selecting a travel-friendly aerosol sunscreen container, ensuring it complies with the TSA’s guidelines and regulations is essential.

 What Kind Of Aerosols Are Not Allowed On Planes In Checked Luggage?

All flammable aerosols are not allowed in checked luggage due to safety reasons. These restrictions are applied by airlines and TSA to avoid any potential hazards during flights.

Aerosols with flammable contents, such as certain hair sprays, deodorants, spray paints, lighter fuel, or butane gas canisters, are not allowed in checked luggage.

Aerosols containing explosive or toxic materials, like some types of airbag inflators, certain cleaning products, or spray insecticides, are not allowed.

If aerosols are non-flammable and not dangerous, then aerosols can be carried in both checked luggage and carry-on.

 Following the TSA and airline guidelines and rules regarding aerosol products and their quantity is essential. It helps you to avoid any hassle and enjoy a smooth journey. 

Final Thoughts: Can You Pack Aerosol Sunscreen in Checked Luugage?

In this article, we discuss all the aspects of the question,” Can you pack aerosol sunscreen in checked luggage?”

Travelling with aerosol sunscreen is allowed in checked luggage and carry-on. But you must follow the airlines and TSA rules and regulations about its size and quantity. You can pack aerosol sunscreen up to 70 oz in your checked luggage, but you take 3.4 oz maximum in your carry-on bag. Ensure that aerosol cans are tightly sealed to avoid leakage or damage.

Also, you must know your airline’s rules and policies regarding the aerosol transition to avoid any problems at the last moment.

Frequently Asked Questions :Can You Pack Aerosol Sunscreen in Checked Luugage?

Following are the frequently asked questions about how to pack aerosol sunscreen in checked luggage.

1. Are There Any Other Restrictions Or Guidelines You Should Be Aware Of When Packing Aerosol Sunscreen Cans In My Luggage?

Yes, there are restrictions on quantity. Also, some flammable aerosol products are not allowed in your luggage.

You should follow the guideline of The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when you pack aerosol sunscreen cans in your luggage. TSA and airline rules and regulations guide you about the quantity and products allowed on a plane.

 2. Can You Bring Aerosol Cans On An Airplane?

Yes, you can bring aerosol cans on a flight, but you must follow all safety precautions, as aerosols can be tightly sealed and packed in a bubble wrap or plastic bag to avoid any leakage or damage. 

Some flammable and toxic products of Aerosol are not allowed on planes.

So, you must follow the rules and regulations of the airline and TSA and know whether your products are allowed.

 3. Can You Bring Aerosol Sunscreen On A Plane?

You can bring aerosol sunscreen on a plane in checked luggage and carry-on. However, aerosol sunscreen quantity in a suitcase is at most 3.4 oz. Aerosol sunscreen container placed in a clear, quart-size bag with all other gel and liquids. 

Pack up to 70 oz or 2 L in your checked luggage for more aerosol sunscreen.

4. Will aerosol sunscreen leak on a plane?

Aerosol sunscreen has a higher risk of leakage on a plane due to changes in cabin pressure and temperature. But taking proper precautions, such as tightly sealing the container and packing it in a plastic bag, can help to minimise this risk.

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