Here’s How Luggage Locks Work And How To Reset Luggage Lock + TSA Lock

How luggage locks work? This question came to my mind when thinking of buying luggage, so I did a bit of research to find out how luggage locks work.

A luggage lock works by setting a three or four-digit password to lock your zippers together.

You can buy a luggage lock yourself, but more expensive suitcases come with a built-in latch.

With these TSA locks, the airport staff only needs to press a button to unlock your lock and then can inspect your bag without having to break the lock.

How to set a TSA combination luggage lock

You can use this simple method if you have bought new luggage and want to set your combination password. Before you change the lock combination, remember first to unlock it.

  1. If you press the black reset button with a pen, you hear a click. This button will force the device back to its factory settings.
  2. Use the combination that opens the lock to enter the new code.
  3. Please press the button with the arrow or turn the locking mechanism to the other position to confirm the news.

How to reset the luggage lock if you forgot the combination?

There are many ways to open it, but the only way to get it open is to change the combination, which isn’t possible if you don’t have access to the code. 

  • Use brute force to find the solutions. There are three digits in the combination and three billion combinations, so it might take a while, but you’ll get the answer eventually.

Here's How Luggage Locks Works And How To Reset Luggage Lock + TSA Lock

  • It’s straightforward to find hidden numbers on the roulette wheel. To help you do this, make sure that the numbers you are looking at are pointed towards noon so that the little holes are pointing upwards. Then press the button to unlock. If it doesn’t work, press the button one more time, rotate each number, and try again and repeat. it would help if you only did this on your luggage

Here's How Luggage Locks Works And How To Reset Luggage Lock + TSA Lock

  • TSA agents can open your luggage with a TSA key. Ask a TSA agent to open it with a TSA key. When it opens, you can reset the combination when it’s opened.
  • Take the bag to a locksmith. They can unlock it quickly and probably charge some for the service.
  • If the factory standard code is three or four zeros, then it’s an easy task to change the combination.

How to unlock the luggage lock without a key

If you’re locked out and need to get into your luggage, you can try this.

You can open the zippers with just a pen. If you have a pen, you need to get a sharp point on the pen’s tip and push that pen into the zipper.

A thief can’t reseal a suitcase. This is what makes it dangerous. If a thief did this to your bag, you wouldn’t be able to notice it because you can easily reseal it, just like you usually do. Some people worry about how they’re going to protect their expensive luggage in the event of luggage theft, but there’s no good way to prevent them. It is better to be aware of both.

Why do you need a luggage lock?

Travel locks are suitable for those who want added safety to their bags, but they aren’t anything compared to stopping a thief from having them. But what it’s going to do for you is buy you time and make someone think twice about stealing something.

 If that person sees it’s well locked up, they may not want to try to get into the luggage, so a lock keeps the luggage inconvenient yet accessible. They choose unlocked over locked ones. You should get two locks and a luggage strap because it will keep your bag close.

If you want your luggage to be secure, I recommend getting a hardshell aluminum frame luggage. It has hatches you lock with instead of zippers.

What lock to use on luggage?

TSA locks can be used for checking luggage at airports. They help TSA agents to open the locks when they are inspecting bags for items.

To get the most out of your investment, you’ll want a stainless steel zipper and steel shackles to use daily. There are also locks with a braided steel cable. They’re flexible and can be bent in any direction, but they must fit.

When flying, it’s important to remember that if the TSA agent has to open your luggage and inspect it, they have the right to cut your lock. If you want to avoid having locks go missing, keep TSA approved lock.

What are TSA luggage locks, and how do they work?

You can take the TSA-approved lock. Some locks have a red alert to your local store to get it serviced. In most cases, the agent who checked you at the gate did so because your bags triggered a random inspection. In other words, he opened your bag for routine checking. If you suspect your bag was opened or anything missing from it, contact them and file a complaint.

If you use a TSA-approved lock, you should be able to see a code on your screen that looks like TSA 00x. Travel Sentry locks open travelers’ suitcases without destroying them. Read their site to find out more about the company.

They aren’t manufacturing the products themselves, but they’re working with the luggage industry and government to establish a high standard. You don’t need a TSA-approved lock to fly. But, if your lock isn’t TSA approved, they may use heavy-duty wire cutters to open luggage for inspection.

If a lock has this Travel Sentry logo, it’s a TSA-approved lock.

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