Do Luggage Straps Work? Worth it?

Do Luggage Straps Work? What are luggage straps used for? Luggage straps keep your luggage from bursting open at the seams. However, there are many other applications which include:

We are securing multiple bags together.

Many luggage straps serve a specific purpose and often are made specifically for this use. You can usually find these straps in hardware or travel stores and online.

They make it easy to carry two or more bags simultaneously.

Easy luggage identification.

There are many ways to identify and distinguish your luggage. You could use luggage tags, design your suitcase or use a particular luggage pattern.

Strap colors can range from classics like black and navy to funky patterns like zebra stripes, rainbow, and polka-dotted.

Having luggage that’s easily visible from a distance is very useful when it comes time to pick up your luggage at the end of the flight.

How To Use Luggage Straps

Do Luggage Straps Work? Worth it?

There are many types of luggage sThey’reThey’re just like other belts but have different names. They’re used to attach items to suitcases or

How to use each type of strap is different.

Here’s a quick (very general) rundown of using some of the most popular types of luggage straps.

Criss-Cross (X-shaped)

  1. Make sure you wrap the strap around the suitcase so that it’s? It’s essential to bring it through all of the handles
  2. Pull the strap through the metal triangle on the headband, keeping it at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Pull the strap around the case width-ways, ensure there are no handles, and then pull it through.
  4. Before you secure the buckle of your luggage, pull the taut strap and sit at it tightly again to confirm the straps.


  1. Set your luggage vertically on its wheels.
  2. Wrapping a strap around the width of a suitcase, weaving it through the handle, makes it easy to carry a heavy bag with one hand. To keep your handle free of wrinklecan’tu can’t beat putting a handle on the side of your suitcase to carry it easily.
  3. Ensure the strap is snug against the suitcase and loop the belt, ensuring it has been wrapped around one of the handles.

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Benefits of Luggage Straps

Do Luggage Straps Work? Worth it?

Prevent your belongings from getting lost.

Luggage straps are a great thing that, when used properly, can prevent you from personal items. Don’t.

Don’t pack your suitcase with so many items that it might be prone to a zipper coming undone. Instead, use luggage straps to ensure your should doesn’t come open during transit.

This, in turn, makes sure that your things stay safe and are not lost on their journey.

Provide an added layer of personal security.

Bus terminals and train stations are busy places.

People will gather in groups of up to 50 people at a time, and there will be a few bad apples among you’re you’re concerned about pickpockets. Use your luggage straps to help prevent them from getting their hands on yours.

It’s much easier to pick the lock of an unlocked suitcase than that’s been strapped shut with luggage straps.


It is critical to assess the value of your belongings before leaving them in a public place.

Although baggage straps are often quite affordable, there are a lot of choices out there.

There are many different options for luggage straps, but most range in price from $20-$50 on average.

Investing in a reasonable security measure is a smart move for all businesses.

TSA Approved

In addition to luggage locks, you should also think about using luggage straps. It is the best way to secure your luggage.

Are you traveling with luggage? TSA-approved luggage straps make them easier to put in and take out of your suitcase without risking the loss of a hand or a Don’t.

Don’t worry if you doesn’t have a traditional luggage strap.

What To Look For In Luggage Straps

When shopping for luggage, it’s always good to be careful and know exactly what you’re getting.

If you decide to buy, you need some time to decide.

The most important factors are listed here.


Some luggage straps are not interchangeable with manufacturers’ products, and some suitcases are not all the same size.

They come in various sizes, ranging from small, carry-on suitcase sizes to extra-large.

If you need luggage, you’ll want to measure your suitcases before buying one. Make sure you get the correct measurements to fit your luggage to find the perfect luggage strap.

Instead of matching your luggage to your strap, you can check your luggage to your luggage strap.


Most luggage straps are relatively unexciting items. However, there are an impressive array of different styles and colors.

There are many different options for the color and materials you choose for your luggage straps, so you can get the color and look you want.


Whether your luggage has a lock mechanism, it’s essential which kind of closure or lock mechanism it has.

Some luggage straps are simple and easy to put on, while others have complicated closures. Some travelers are busy, which often makes them avoid fussing with the complicated lock.

The best place to buy a luggage strap is the on-doesn’t doesn’t have a particular style of lock. Some locks are worth the extra time to avoid buying them.


Luggage straps should be reliable and should hold your luggage closed, right?

It is good to examine the straps to check for loose threads or unraveling and missing stitches before buying.

Ensure the lock mechanism is secured firmly and can resist a slight tug.


Don’t take risks with your luggage don’t know if your bag will be lost or damait’sif it’s not.

Luggage straps are often covered by extended warranties that cover many accidents and problems.

The best warranties will have a relatively long validity period and will protect you against random breaks.

Do Luggage Straps Work? Are They Worth It?

Do Luggage Straps Work? Are They Worth It?

Both of these questions are definitely yes! Luggage straps are worth the small investment.

The first and most important reason we recommend these zippers is that they work great when you have a broken zipper.

Even the cheap luggage straps will keep your contents inside of your suitcase until you reach your destination.

You can cut down on having a broken zipper by getting a suitcase with a luggage strap.

Generally, any suitcase under $200 can get extra security.

In addition to the other benefits, such as making travel safe and convenient, they also benefit from deterring pickpockets. If you’re buying a TSA luggage strap, then use a thick rope, and you’d want to take advantage of purchasing this luggage strap. It will make your travel experience smoother and more accessible.

Luggage Strap FAQ

Where can I buy luggage straps?

You can purchase luggage straps almost everywhere that luggage is sold. You can also buy this luggage online through Amazon.

Where is the cheapest place to buy luggage straps?

Sometimes, the most affordable way to buy luggage straps is online.

But, it would help if you always read the product description before purchasing a size because choosing the right size is essential. You might have to pay a shipping charge.

Can luggage straps be washed?

Yep! You can put them in the washer. Please place them in a mesh laundry bag, close the buckle, and toss them into that’s. It’s better to hang them so they can air dry.

What are luggage straps made of?

The best luggage strap is made from durable, industrial-grade cloth.

Materials can vary, and the exact makeup of each type can change.

How much do luggage straps cost?

Most luggage straps are under $50. You’ll find that prices differ by brand, style, and locking

What brands of luggage straps are the best?

It depends on your preferences. Different brands of luggage straps are other in size and length. Fortunately, there is no exact answer to this.

Do luggage straps stretch?

No. Luggage straps do not stretch, so they stay where you put don’t lose their effectiveness over time.

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