What Info To Put On Luggage Tags? Here’s the answer

What Info To Put On Luggage Tags? Here’s the answer

When traveling, often, unfortunately, your luggage gets lost. It can be a stressful experience.

Luggage tags are essential for keeping track of your luggage, making them perfect for travel. However, what information do you add to your luggage tags?

You should at least put information about contacting you, such as name, phone number, and email address.

Since a lost bag will get tagged, your name is automatically printed on the tag for the next flight. So there is no need to provide an address.

You can put your address, but burglars can see the address and know your house is empty.

What address do you put on your luggage?

What Info To Put On Luggage Tags? Here's the answer

You can put your home address in the address section. But if you’re concerned about privacy, and that is a valid reason to be worried, you can hide your address from the public by placing it in the hidden part of the address field.

In other words, if people see that your luggage is labeled with your address and that it’s traveling, they may not believe it’s for you. So put your work address on your luggage tag instead.

The best-recommended solution to this problem is not to even use any forms of contact information.

But the airport staff may have to contact your home to send the luggage since you gave all your details when you booked your ticket.

Put an image of your luggage and its dimensions on the luggage tag, so the airport staff will know what bag belongs to who.

Why do I need a luggage tag?

If you have lost your luggage, you will be happy to know that there are luggage tags you can use.

Don’t worry about losing it. It may be lost in a hotel or at the airport. And if someone finds your luggage with a tag, they can contact you and return it. 

If you lose it at the airport, and the employees there know the name, phone number, or email of a travel agency, they can search their database and find your home address if you’ve already made a reservation for air travel and then send it to you on the next flight.

There are thousands of different ways to lose your luggage, but a luggage tag is critical to get your belongings back no matter how lost your baggage is.

It’s a cheap safety measure. An easy way to verify that a piece of luggage has made it through security is to print out the three-digit code on the luggage tag and verify it with a scanner. For example, “YVR” means Vancouver.

Where to attach luggage tags?

What Info To Put On Luggage Tags? Here's the answer

Make sure your bag’s tag is securely attached to the bag so that it’s easier to identify if your bag goes missing.

Don’t worry, and sometimes luggage tags can get torn off. If you have a backup luggage tag, you should put it on the inside of the suitcase just in case it gets lost.

Do you need luggage tags for the carry-on bag?

You need to get a TSA-approved tag for your carry-on bag since you can also lose that bag if you don’t have it.

You can also put your carry-on bags far away from your airplane seats.

If your carry-on bag is more significant than 50 liters or traveling on a tiny plane, you need to take it out.

Also, sometimes you have the bag under your seat because it’s complete and it’s an easy thing to forget about.

What to use for luggage tags

Many different models are available that all provide the same basic functionality to show the owner’s information.

You can go for many styles, including more stylish options or even cheaper and more basic options.

The material can be leather, plastic, rubber, or vegan leather.

You can make one yourself by using a cord or even string and a piece of plastic to cover it. However, it isn’t that expensive, and it will work just fine.

What size is a luggage tag

1. A regular luggage tag size is

2.5″ high,

3.25″ wide and.5″ in depth.

What is the best luggage tag?

A reasonable luggage tag won’t get ripped easily and will last you many trips.

You can easily replace the paper if you want to change your phone number or name.

If you want a stylish tag and leather, I suggest this leather tag that is also sturdy.

You’ll get an extra year of warranty, plus a privacy flap that you need to lift to see your address, just in case anybody takes a photo or scans your information.

A good rubber band is a challenging rubber band that won’t snap easily.

This bright red case helps you quickly spot your bag from a distance and is perfect for the more adventurous traveler.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, choose a color that stands out, like orange, to see your bag on the baggage carousel easily.

I love it when the carousel shows up at the store, and you can quickly scan each bag looking for the bright-colored tag.

I like the aluminum luggage tags, but my favorite one has the steel wire to attach to your suitcase.


These are a constructive way for those finding luggage to know who the owner is and to contact the owner to let them know you’ve found it and where to send it to.

If you don’t put any identifying information on your luggage, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the owner.

Put two luggage tags per bag, one outside and one inside.

We’re a fast, affordable, and easy way to equip the bags with your contact information so they can easily find suitable bags for the right owners.

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