Can Laptops Go in Checked Luggage? (Tips and Guide 2023)

Laptops and smartphones are essential items nowadays that you are required to work, entertain, and use to get in touch get others. When packing for air travel and can’t leave your laptops behind, deciding how to handle your Laptop on the plane is very important.

When traveling with laptops, carrying them in your hand baggage is advised instead of checking them in.

Laptops are valuable and fragile electronic devices that require proper handling and security. So many people are confused and ask,” Can laptops go in checked luggage.”

In this article, we will explore why it’s advisable to keep laptops in your hand luggage and the risks associated with checking them in your checked luggage. Also, share all tips and tricks for safely and securely transporting laptops on planes.

Can You Bring a Laptop in Checked luggage?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a laptop in checked luggage. Airlines allow passengers to pack laptops in their checked luggage, but there are laptop damage risks involved.

Laptops are delicate and valuable electronic devices easily damaged or stolen when placed in checked luggage. Therefore, keeping your Laptop in your carry-on luggage is strongly recommended to ensure its safety and minimize the risk of damage or loss.

Also, carrying your Laptop in hand baggage on the flight can keep you from getting bored or let you do some work.

Essential Rules For Transporting Laptop On The Plane:

When transporting a laptop on a plane, you must follow a few essential rules to avoid unpleasant situations.

It is recommended to put the Laptop in a separate bin. Ensure your Laptop’s battery is installed correctly and secured and must be powered off for safety reasons.

Laptops with lithium-ion batteries are allowed on planes, but some airlines have limitations on spare or large-capacity batteries.

According to the Transportation Security Authority (TSA), you can carry up to two spare batteries with 100 watt-hours (Wh) or less capacity. If you have batteries more than this capacity, you need to seek prior approval from the airline.

How many laptops can I put in checked luggage?

No, specific rules or restrictions state how many laptops you can pack in your checked baggage. You can pack multiple laptops in your luggage.

But it’s crucial to ensure that your checked luggage remains within the weight and size limits imposed by the airline. Exceeding these limits may result in additional fees or restrictions.

However, airlines and TSA have specific rules about lithium-ion batteries. The TSA allows two spare laptop batteries in your carry-on.

Laptops are delicate electronic devices; packing them together without proper padding or protection may increase the risk of damage during transit. It’s recommended to use individual laptop sleeves or protective cases to provide adequate cushioning and prevent any damage while packing multiple laptops.

Tips To Transport Your Laptop In The Checked Luggage Safely:    

Transporting a laptop in checked luggage is allowed but not recommended due to the risks of damage or theft. However, if you must pack your Laptop in the checked luggage, here are some tips and tricks to help to ensure its safety:

Use a high-quality, well-padded laptop case or sleeve:

If you want to pack your Laptop in checked luggage, Invest in a high-quality laptop case or sleeve that provides extra padding and protection. Choose a case with shock-absorbing features to reduce the risk of damage during checked luggage handling.

Backup your data:

Before traveling, ensure you have a recent backup of all your important files and data stored on your Laptop in an external hard drive. So, if your Laptop is damaged or lost, you still have your data secured.

Add additional cushioning:

Place extra padding around the Laptop in the checked luggage. Use soft clothing or a small towel to protect against impact or damage.

Remove accessories and secure loose parts:

Remove detachable accessories like external hard drives, cables, or USB devices. You can separately pack all detachable accessories. Also, use protective pouches to prevent them from moving around and causing damage.

Consider Laptop Insurance:

If you are a regular traveler with a laptop, it’s a good idea to

Consider obtaining travel insurance. It covers your Laptop for damage, loss, or theft. Check the policy details of the insurance company and ensure it offers adequate coverage for your specific needs.

Pack in Carry-on baggage:

Despite these precautions, transporting a laptop in checked luggage still poses risks. Carrying your Laptop in your carry-on baggage is recommended to avoid any damage, theft, or loss.

What To Do When Your Laptop Is Lost in Transit:

There is a probability of losing your Laptop during your air journey. If your Laptop is lost in transit, be calm and take the following steps:

Report the loss to the airline or transportation provider immediately.

  • Retrace your steps and check with airport personnel.
  • File a police report if theft is suspected.
  • Check your airline’s rules for compensation.
  • Notify your insurance provider if applicable.
  • Evaluate backup options for your essential files.
  • Follow up with the airline for updates on the lost Laptop.

Why Shouldn’t You Pack Your Laptop in Checked Luggage?

Packing a laptop in checked luggage is legal but not recommended for several reasons. Here we discuss some essential safety concerns:


Checked luggage is got through rough handling, vibrations, and pressure changes during transportation. Laptops are delicate and easily damaged if not adequately protected. Rough handling or items shifting within the bag can damage the Laptop.


Checked luggage is not secure, as airlines always advise avoiding putting expensive items in your checked luggage. Although airports have security measures, there is a small risk of theft of vulnerable items like laptops. So it’s better to take a laptop with you in hand luggage.

Travel disruptions:

There are possibilities of flight delays, cancellations, or lost luggage. Carrying your Laptop in your carry-on bag ensures you can still access your important files, work, or entertainment during unexpected situations.

Data security:

Carrying your Laptop in your carry-on luggage is an excellent idea, as you have control over your device and its sensitive data.

Packing a laptop in checked luggage increases the risk of your laptop being out of sight and vulnerable to unauthorized access or data breaches.

Your Laptop Carries Lithium Batteries:

You are legally allowed to travel with your laptop on the plane. But remember, the Laptop contains Lithium Batteries.

Lithium batteries are hazardous, as they have a strong tendency to leak or even explode due to changes in temperature or pressure. It’s a major disaster if something like this happens to your Laptop while it is unsupervised and packed in checked luggage.

Because of safety risks, it’s strongly suggested that you carry your Laptop in your hand luggage.

Where You Should Be Packing Your Laptop? 

Packing a laptop in checked luggage seems convenient and easy, but there are chances of damage or stolen exists.

When traveling, you should pack your Laptop in a padded bag that fits in your carry-on luggage. Your Laptop in your carry-on bag ensures its protection, accessibility, and data security. Carrying a laptop with you in a carry-on reduces the risk of damage or theft and allows for easy access during your flight.

Carrying your Laptop in your carry-on bag keeps it within quick reach and under your supervision, as your Laptop is fragile and has to be carefully handled.

Also, ensure that the Laptop is charged and placed in an easily-accessible place in your hand luggage. Your security officer may request you turn your Laptop on to prove it isn’t defective and works perfectly.

Other safety precautions you must know before traveling with your laptop:

Your laptop is a vulnerable device in which you secure all your important files and data. It’s suggested that you backup all your important files or data in an external hard drive to prevent any data loss in case of damage or a stolen Laptop.

Also, it’s great to invest in a high-quality padded laptop bag to protect the Laptop during traveling.

Before packing your Laptop in checked luggage, take detailed photos of its condition. These photos can serve as evidence for insurance claims if any damage occurs.

 Final thought:

In the above article, we discuss in detail the question,” Can laptops go in checked baggage?” So yes, you can pack your Laptop in checked luggage, but your Laptop may be at risk of damage or theft.

Packaging your Laptop in your carry-on luggage is highly recommended when traveling by air. It provides protection, accessibility, and data security for your vulnerable device.

Keeping your Laptop under your supervision provides peace of mind and lets you stay productive or entertained while traveling. Remember, your Laptop is a valuable asset, so prioritize its protection by carrying it in your carry-on bag and reducing its damage or stolen risks.

Frequently asked questions: Can Laptops Go in Checked Luggage

following are the frequently asked questions about Can Laptops Go in Checked Luggage

 Can a laptop overheat in a checked bag?

Yes, a laptop can overheat if packed in a checked bag. Changes in pressure and temperature and the lack of proper ventilation in a checked bag can restrict the Laptop’s cooling system, leading to increased heat buildup.

Overheating damages the internal components of the Laptop. Turning off the Laptop entirely before packing it in checked luggage is recommended. It’s better to carry your Laptop in your carry-on luggage, which can be kept in a more controlled environment with adequate airflow.

Do airlines check laptop bag weight?

Airlines do not have specific weight restrictions for laptop bags as most airlines consider your laptop bag a personal item.

However, they follow weight limits for both carry-on and checked luggage.

If your laptop bag exceeds the airline’s carry-on weight limit, you may be required to remove or transfer items to your checked luggage. So do not pack extra batteries or chargers. It’s essential to check the specific airline rules and policies to ensure weight limits and avoid additional fees.

Can you carry a laptop charger on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a laptop charger on a plane. Laptop chargers are an essential accessory for personal laptops. Chargers are allowed to pack in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Packing your laptop charger in your carry-on bag to easily access it during the flight and keep your laptop powered is better. It’s better to check the rules and regulations of the airline to avoid any inconvenience.

Why do I have to take my laptop out of the bag at the airport?

You must take your laptop out of the bag at the airport for security reasons. It allows security officers to obtain a clearer X-ray image, ensuring no prohibited or dangerous items are hidden within the bag.

Also, a security officer may examine the health of your device and battery condition by requesting you to power it on. So, your laptop must be charged to avoid any hassle.



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